.TV Spotlight Post #7

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As more and more news outlets are talking about TV and Internet convergence, GoogleTV faced a pretty big setback over the last week with almost all major networks including CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX and many other cable channels deciding to block access.  This kind of reaction is to be expected from major players who don’t want Google just coming in and monopolizing the way TV will be watched in the near future.  Is this bad for .TV? No, it’s good! It just means that there is a heavy interest in TV and Internet convergence by all major players involved.  I don’t think it will be too long before more of these companies start looking towards .TV domains as not only a way to broadcast their own channels on the Internet but also to share news relating to their own convergence.

MTS.tv has sold for $33,700 via Sedo.com.  There were three bidders deep into the bidding and it finally came to an end with bidder 1 prevailing.  Whois remains private but does show MTS Holdings in California as the new owner.

The domain Masala.tv has been pushed to auction with a 2,200 EUR bid and will be ending in five days.  Another nice .TV sale was made this week as Leonard Britt (aka garptrader) a .TV enthusiast recently sold the domain name Safaris.tv for a very nice $x,xxx sum. A couple other noteworthy .TV sales as reported by DNJournal – premiere.tv $2,149 and swoon.tv $1,250

If you are looking to acquire good .TV domains at aftermarket prices you should definitely subscribe to the DomainStore.TV newsletter.  Brian Berke continues to feature and sell more and more high quality .TV domains thru this great outlet!  A sample of .TV domains that were listed in the newsletter this week: Designing.tv, ChildCare.tv, Jock.tv, TownHome.tv and many more.  Again if you want to have access to names of this quality for great prices sign up for the newsletter ASAP.

Let’s talk about some active .TV websites.. StoneRoses, a member of the AllThings.tv shared in the Dot TV sightings forum that Science.tv has been launched and is now an educational network whose mission is to “…connect schools with real science via interactive digital media.”  News to me, KHGI Grand Island and ABC are using Nebraska.tv as their homapage.  Also, if you want to watch a live interactive show on a .TV channel, tune today to MorganLinton.TV at 6pm PST.  I always try to watch and support this great show that is tailored for domain investors.  Keep up the good work Morgan!

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