.TV Spotlight Post #9

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Lots of interesting things going on in .TV world over the last week.

It looks like Sheeraz Hasan will be dropping Sports.tv and its $100,000/year renewal fee as the name is now in redemption.  Some are speculating that the domain will be picked up by the original owner again after the at a new ‘premium’ price.  I am curious as to what the new registration price will be for this domain.  Sheeraz held sports.tv for four years and according to Sheeraz.com he had big plans for it in 2010, that is until the premium renewals were nixed earlier this year.  From Sheeraz.com:

On www.Sports.tv all sports from around the world will be showcased ON DEMAND, updated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ranging from Boxing, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Soccer, Cricket and all sports of the world.

Richard Kligman’s development and .tv monetization project, Parked.tv has been re-branded to the much more appropriate (and less controversial) Theme.tv.  It appears that although there was consent prior to using Parked.tv, the parking company Parked.com recently requested that Richard stopped using the domain for this purpose.  Parked.tv now re-directs to the new site at Theme.tv. Theme.tv is what it sounds like, a WordPress theme that offers domainers a WordPress theme/site hosted on Theme.tv servers.  The WP theme is video centric so it’s perfect for ’parking’ .TV domains.  You can integrate your adsense code (which you recieve 100% ad share on) and choose videos that will appear on your channel via youtube api.

Some sales and ongoing auctions to ponder..  The domain Debt.tv is currently at Sedo auction, it’s currently only at $900 with 4+ days to go.  Ganja.tv was sold on GoDaddy auctions for $1005 and Pomona.tv was also sold at the same venue for $430.  Whiplash.tv was sold to an end user for an undisclosed price – the end user, a lawyer.  NameJet produced three .TV sales worth mentioning since our last post with Runners.tv going for $950, Prayers.tv for $500 and VideoConferencing.tv for $335.

I mentioned last week that be.tv was registered and I was unsure of what LL.tv domains were available and still unregistered.  Here is the full list with registration prices: mv.tv $8175, cy.tv $7766.25, fr.tv $7766.25, tr.tv $6812.23.  400 of the 676 possible LL.tv combinations are being held back by the registry, of the 272 that are registered, a good chunk of those are owned by end users and not domainers.

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