eCop, Location Domains and Mature Names Services Rolled Out by

Francois keeps ’em coming!  Three new services have been introduced on the platform over the last couple weeks.

The newest is, a domain Escrow service.  Offering more than just simple domain Escrow services, eCOP also offers Escrow for domain leases, exchanges or transactions that include a broker or multiple payees. The cost of this service is $20 per domain sold, leased or exchanged + $10 per payment received or sent out on transactions below $5,000.  I think this is a great service but I would like to see a little more assurance of security on the actual eCOP webpage.  Everyone knows that Francois is a serious, honest businessman but companies or domainers would like to see that an Escrow service that is licensed, bonded and insured in case anything goes wrong. is a new geo domain listing service. Here you can put your geographical domain names up for auction alongside other geo domains currently for sale on like,, or my hometown 🙂 It looks like you can submit domains of any TLD as long as the appraisal value is over $100. is the same type of listing service as and the name of the service says it all. Domain names that should be listed on are “sex, alcohol, tobacco, gambling and other mature names.”  I see lots of high quality adult oriented names listed already.

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