.TV Spotlight Post #10

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It has been a busy week for aftermarket .TV sales.  Before we get to the most recent .TV sales, I’m going to shout out to my sponsor of the .TV Spotlight section – DomainStore.tv.  Next week I will be doing an interview with Brian Berke, founder of DomainStore and we’ll be talking about… you guessed it .TV! As I mentioned last week, his newsletter has been generating lots of great sales.  Here is a list of a few .TV names that have sold through his newsletter recently: Akita.tv, AttorneyAtLaw.tv, Ciao.tv, HollywoodHills.tv, IA.tv, LED.tv, LiveAction.tv, Pills.tv, SalesCoach.tv, Stoner.tv/Stoners.tv, Sushi.tv.

Putting the spotlight on a great .TV site this week, I recently found out about Shufflr.tv. Shufflr, in a nutshell is a personalized video aggregator that allows you to organize videos that are shared within your social network.  So, there’s tons of great videos being shared by your Facebook friends, people you follow on Twitter and YouTube and it’s impossible to take the time to watch these everytime they are shared.  By the time you remember (or you may never remember) the video you wanted to watch it’s buried deep in the social media abyss.  Shufflr has created a bookmarklet that allows you to add videos you want to watch to a queue on your web browser toolbar.  In the words of Shufflr’s blog “..So you don’t need to skip or rush thru a video at work only because you had little or no time to see it, as we just built your personal ‘DVR’ for online video.”

Microsoft is making a push to get back into the web tv game after GoogleTV and AppleTV have been in the headlines over the last couple months.  Microsoft has re-introduced Microsoft MediaRoom, which can be accessed by going to http://www.microsoft.tv – wow what a novel idea! (even though it’s still a redirect).

The Microsoft Mediaroom software platform powers the cloud for TV and video service providers to deliver the best in entertainment experiences across all the screens in their subscribers’ lives.

As promised… .TV Sales! It was a busy week over at AllThings.tv, where Ammar and other members do a great job of reporting almost every aftermarket .TV sale that goes public.  I get a lot of my sales data to report from there.  The forum at AllThings is really growing and there’s lots of great .TV discussion there too!  A host of four letter words exchanged hands this week leading the way was Debt.tv which brought in at Sedo auction for $1,550,  Homo.tv went for $900 in a private sale, Fiba.tv also sold on Sedo for $750, Glad.tv sold on Flippa for $500, Silk.tv gained $451 in a silent auction at NamePros and User.tv sold at NP for $300.  Keyword .TV sales to report include Rezepte.tv (meaning “recipe” in German) stirred up $350, Minisites.tv monetized $275, Myconos.tv went for $250.  Also, Minsk.tv, StudentLoan(s).tv exchanged hands for an unconfirmed sums.  Before signing off, I want to mention that Patty of HotDomains.tv has two great product .TV domains at auction right now with Kayaks and Canoes both at Sedo auction under $300/each!

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