GreatDomains/Premium Auction Underway + Sedo’s ccTLD Roundup Nov. 15th – Dec 1st

Some great inventory has been released in the GreatDomains/Premium Auction at Sedo, there are four days left in the auction.  Two letter .coms with bids that have met or are very close to the reserve range are kf.com with a high bid of $80k followed by jf.com currently at $60k.  Another LL.com and popular state code (Texas) tx.com is only at $5,000 as I write this but I certainly expect bids to get near the reserve range of $100k.

Generic domains like text.com, approvals.com, lawfirm.com and arithmetic.com have starting bids however none have reached their reserve yet. Other names in the auction that I would consider great ‘brandable’ buys include toni.com, possum.com, thick.com and faster.com.

Sedo’s ccTLD Roundup Nov. 15th – Dec. 1st – This list does not include any of the premium .ME auction results, you can find that list here.  There was a great showing by .EU, .IT and of course the .DE extension.  I was excited to find a few decent .us and .co.uk  sales in the mix as well.  The Netherlands ccTLD made another splash on the Roundup, it has been a strong month for .NL extension.

distances.fr 1,250 EUR

onlinewedden.nl 1,500 EUR

files.co.uk 8,500 GBP

lattenbodem.be 1,300 EUR

yoyo.it 18,000 EUR

kiks.de 1,000 EUR

cema.it 900 EUR

zusammendruck.de 1,700 EUR

steuernsteuern.de 1,000 EUR

friseurlogistik.de 3,000 EUR

relooking.fr 7,500 USD

rankingcoach.de 2,975 EUR

amethyst.de 3,000 EUR

lattenbodem.be 1,300 EUR

race.us 2,500 USD

batteries.us 7,800 USD

cornishcottages.co.uk 5,000 GBP

beautybar.de 10,000 EUR

blackjackonline.it 2,100 EUR

aa.cc 3,500 USD

onlinewedden.nl 1,500 EUR

greenbank.gr 2,600 USD

autoradio.eu 4,035 USD

babbel.it 1,105 USD

moebelhaus.eu 2,470 USD

chronicmigraine.co.uk 2,340 USD

mcnairs.co.uk 2,000 GBP

communiceren.nl 2,100 EUR

producten.nl 3,100 EUR

pferdehaftpflicht.eu 1,250 EUR

soap.cz 3,120 USD

chameleon.eu 2,210 USD

section.eu 2,200 USD

files.co.uk 8,500 GBP

emz.ch 1,000 EUR

polischeck.nl 1,300 EUR

pigeon.ru 9,980 USD

greatcontent.it 10,000 US

vlinder.nl 7,000 EUR

lows.co.uk 4,250 EUR

consendo.de 5,000 EUR

internethandel.de 5,000 EUR

skrill.in 5,199 USD

skrill.cn 5,099 USD

diff.ch 1,950 USD

adshop.de 1,950 USD

procasa.ch 1,950 USD

datcom.co.uk 3,274 USD

cowbuy.de 2,730 USD

roen.eu 1,300 USD

section.eu 2,200 USD

rfidjournal.co.in 1,000 USD

gutmann.eu 1,170 USD

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