.TV Spotlight Post #14

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Will 2011 be the year of .TV?  With tons of recent technology involving television and Internet convergence .TV domain names are becoming more an more appealing for end users and investors alike.

TV Apps were a big focus during CES 2011 in Las Vegas earlier this month and there are lots of start-ups and partnerships in this space forming that use .TV domains.  I recently read on AllThings.tv forum that Flingo.tv, possibly the largest TV App publisher in the world just announced a partnership with  Adap.tv which will provide monetization to the Flingo platform.   Other popular TV app marketplaces using .TV domains include AppMarket.tv and Apps.tv.  More support for the theory – If it’s video related – .TV is your extension!

January continues to be a hot month for .TV domain sales, below is a partial list of just some of the reported .TV sales that have occurred since our last Spotlight post:

PuertoRico.tv sold for $7,000 (end user)
WordPressTutorials.tv $3,600 (flippa)
Snappy.tv sold for $4,000 (sedo)
Galleries.tv sold for $7,500 (end user)
WordPressTutor.tv $1,000 (flippa)
PetInsurance.tv $500 (private)
CPanel.tv $260 (flippa)
Features.tv $554 (sedo)
FireWater.tv $450 (namejet)
FreeToAir.tv $300 (sedo)
Ecological.tv $400 (sedo)
3dGames.tv $601 (dynadot)

There are some really good .TV currently running auctions worth scoping out as well:

See.tv Currently at $1,502 reserve not met *$600/legacy premium renewal
Play24.tv Currently at $600 reserve met
Turismo.tv Currently at €500 reserve met *$500/year legacy premium renewal
Base.tv Currently at €260 reserve met

In the Spotlight this week, a .TV site that has been around for almost five years – BloggingHeads.tv showcases split-screen streaming videos featuring two people (usually some sort of journalist) in remote locations who may or may not agree on the newsworthy topics of debate.  BloggingHeads.tv is a very interesting and entertaining .TV site – enjoy the latest edition:

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