Flippa Announces the A-List Newsletter

I got an email this morning from Flippa announcing their A-List Newsletter that will is available for subscription in the flippa.com/myresources section of the site.  The newsletter will cover high profile domains and sites that have been listed on the Flippa marketplace.  In the press release, it’s mentioned that this newsletter is eventually planned to become a paid service.

Part of the reason Flippa has created this newsletter is in response to the growing number of premium domain names that have been listed at Flippa ie.. Links.com, Dirt.com, AY.com and Registrar.com.  You can read the most recent A-List edition at http://bit.ly/flippa-a-list.

I think the A-List idea is a good idea as it provides investors a good resource to look through the premium inventory that is available on Flippa during that week.  It seems that this newsletter has been created to cater to domainers who may not log on to Flippa everyday to look for domains that are for sale but want to keep up with domains that are listed on this growing marketplace.

— Press Release —


Domain and Website Acquisition Opportunity Newsletter Launched by Number 1 Website Marketplace

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA – 3 February 2011 – The A-List Newsletter was launched this week to provide prospective domain and website buyers with insight into some of the largest acquisition opportunities on Flippa.

The respected industry commentators at FlipFilter independently pick the domains and websites included in the A-List. The same team further provides an impartial and in-depth review of each selected listing.

Key domains in this week’s edition include Dirt.com, Registrar.com, AY.com, Easier.com and Awe.net.

A browser-based version of this week’s edition is available at http://bit.ly/flippa-a-list.

In discussing the launch, Flippa’s General Manager, David Slutzkin, explained “Flippa’s phenomenal sales growth is increasingly attracting the attention of high-end domain buyers. The Flippa A-List Newsletter is a great channel for these typically time-poor investors to stay informed of some of our most exciting listings.”

While the Flippa A-List Newsletter is ultimately expected to be a premium paid service, readers interested in joining the limited free trial for the next few weeks can register at https://flippa.com/a-list.

About Flippa

Flippa is the #1 marketplace for buying and selling websites. Buyers and sellers trade around $2 million worth of websites and domains through the Flippa marketplace each month.

Over 150,000 bids were placed on Flippa website/domain auctions in 2010 across nearly 20,000 successful auctions and private sales. The most notable of these included Mark Zuckerberg’s Facemash.com as well as Retweet.com, s9.com and Qwitter.com.

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