.TV Spotlight Post #17

pokerstars.tv logoJune has been an extremely active month in the .TV space with many good LL, LLL and one word .TV domains exchanging hands for decent prices.  Before we get to the sales, I want to put the spotlight on one .TV site that I believe is really bringing a lot of great exposure to .TV domains.

In case you haven’t seen it yet PokerStars is telecasting all of it’s sponsored shows including full episodes on PokerStars.tv.  It wasn’t until I saw Daniel Negreanu tweet something about watching a video on PokerStars.tv that I realized the site existed.  Well apparently it has been around for a while – it’s Alexa ranking is 38,728 and has a Page Rank of 5!  There is really a lot of content on the PokerStars.tv site and I am not at all surprised that it is so popular amongst the poker community.

Well, I bet you didn’t know that Rick Schwartz is a fan of .TV did you?  Yes, he spilled the beans on how much he loves .tv (ok, now I’m exaggerating). Rick does own a few .tv and according to the quote (below) on his May blog post he is liking it more and more as time goes by.

I have said for many years that .org is the #2 extension and it leapfrogs over the .net which has no identity.  As time goes by I like .tv more and more. I own Rick.tv (a recent present) and Golfing.tv, Bloopers.tv among others.

Before perusing the latest .TV sales which I was able to put together thanks to members reporting at Allthings.tv, NamePros.com and Sedo.com market activity page I want to remind you that Morgan Linton will be broadcasting another MorganLinton.tv episode this weekend. Check it out Sunday, June 26th – 4:00PM PST (7:00PM EST).

mycam.tv $45000 (see story on AllThings.tv)

nex.tv €2500

mmafighting.tv $500 sedo

tudo.tv $650 sedo

taste.tv $8500

cd.tv $2879 sedo

audience.tv $5000 (see story)

vm.tv $4000 sedo

lifechannel.tv $500 sedo

poem.tv $1000 sedo

videocast.tv $350 (private)

streamcast.tv $750 sedo

freetime.tv $734 sedo

collective.tv $6500 sedo

nd.tv $1850 sedo

rec.tv $5000 sedo

tc.tv $6000 sedo

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  • Great post and exciting to see .TV sales really picking-up steam. I own about 20 .TV names myself and while I don’t think investors should go crazy buying every .TV name they can find, I know there are some excellent names in the space.

    It’s important for investors to think about what makes sense when applying the .TV extension. Owning something like ToasterOvens.tv or BuyOrganicFood.tv doesn’t make much sense, whereas domains like watch.tv or channelguide.tv (one of mine), or Rick’s Bloopers.tv make sense because they relate directly to the .TV TLD.

    Thanks for mentioning my show as well – it’s going to be a lot fun!

  • Thanks for the assist Morgan! By looking thru this months sales list it is evident that ‘make sense’ .TV’s are the domains selling at prices worth mentioning. Short and pronounceable .tv names are also an interesting play, I see a lot of them selling at both reseller and end user price levels.

  • Mike,
    Good post. Morgan, I tend to disagree with you on the notion of finding .tv’s that apply to the extension. The supply has steadily gone down and even names that may not have the greatest association to the extension are selling for reasonable reseller prices. No need to accumulate junk, but the market has shifted.

    Kind Regards,

  • Ammar,
    Thanks for the comment. I agree that good investments in .TV do not necessarily need to be focused on names that apply to the .TV extension. There have been many fantastic sales on product and keyword names in .TV that have nothing to do with TV, video, technology. Many of the best sales right now (and will continue to be) names that fit with the extension. I came across one of those domains for sale the other day:


  • Mike,
    Not debating that super generics will have a real value, either to resellers or end users. With the recent restructuring of the extension, folks feel like they have a real incentive to invest in the space without the expensive holding costs. I am seeing more and more sales that buyers are looking to generate a brand, defensive purchase or see an upside from a holding perspective. The evidence is also in what gets published on DN Journal as well.


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