Domain of the Day: RecommendedUsers.com

Every so often I like to bring attention to a specific domain name or website that catches my eye.  Today, I learned about RecommendedUsers.com, a great resource that has listed top people to add to your ‘circle’ on Google Plus in over 20 categories.  The site is very well designed and almost feels like you are on an extension of the Google Plus site.  Alireza Yavari, an entrepreneur is the registrant and designer of RecommendedUsers.com. He did a great job really loading up the site with a lot of interesting people to follow in categories like Bloggers, Podcasters, Web Celebs, VCs and Angel Investors, Photographers and many more.

While the domain name may be long and hard to type in or easy to misspell, I think that it is memorable and a great match for the site.  Many developers choose to go with some random made up word .com or a brandable two word combination .com for projects like this. Let’s take a closer look at the domain:


From Domaintools.com
Created:  2011-07-17
Expires:  2012-07-17
Registrar History: 2 registrars with 1 drop
Whois History: 10 records have been archived since 2009-03-16

Alexa Rank: 65,707 (world) and 11,585 in the U.S.

Google Page Rank: 5

Wow, impressive stats for a domain name and website that is barely one month old.  The PR5 ranking really baffles me though..  The last PR update happened at the end of June, so did this site come out of the gates with a PR5 Google Page Rank?  Yavari obviously has a very large network and knows how to build backlinks, according to BacklinkWatch.com RecommendedUsers.com already has 1187 backlinks.

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