News Bangs Out Some Nice Adult Domain Sales Including an $80k Whopper

*Warning adult content follows*

I just read on the most recent Twitter updates that they have unloaded some nice adult domains this week including: $80,000 $4,000 + $5,500/pair $2,500 $2,500

If you have an adult portfolio and are looking to move some names I would definitely recommend getting in touch with the folks at  I don’t see too many adult domain sales publicized but when I do they are usually a result of  HuntingMoon which is a very well established domain brokerage and marketplace ( not only for adult names).

Other great adult names currently for sale at are names like,, and  A few non adult domains that they are currently brokering at this time include:,,, and

Another thing I have been noticing about adult domain sales in general is that very few reported are anything but .com names.  Besides the most massive adult companies, I really don’t know how many in the biz are going to buy into the .xxx extension.  I personally think .porn would be more suitable and desirable of an extension for adult keywords.  Think about it as far as the search value – or or or  Not sure how I got on the new gTLD topic in this post.. oh well, there it is.  Anyway, Good job HuntingMoon!

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