Auctions Update: SnapNames DOMAINfest Meetup NYC and HuntingMoon EU Webmaster Adult banner ad
There are two big domain name auctions currently running worth taking a look at.  Both feature many generic .com domain names. Also up for auction are a few premium .XXX names being released by ICM Registry.

Ending next week on Sept 20th is the DOMAINfest Meet-Up NYC Auction hosted by SnapNames.  Currently, there are in excess of $227k in bids in this auction led by which has a $125k bid. However, the reserve is not yet met on that name or most of the names in this lot. Only approx $10k in bids meet the reserves.  Some of the higher profile names you will find in the queue are (reserve range $100k-$250k), (reserve range $1M – $2M), (reserve range $50k – $100k), (reserve range $25k – $50k),  and (reserve range $250k – $500k)View auction inventory

The EU Webmaster Adult Auction hosted by just got underway yesterday and is set to end October 10th. Already, there are several names with opening bids including at $30k.  There are 890 total names in this massive adult domain auction.  In my experience studying domain auctions, ones that feature so many names often are not as successful or attract many smaller sales to resellers.  A lot of names get lost in the mix or never get seen by potential buyers.  It takes quite some time just to wade through the entire list, which does feature many of the best adult .COM names on the web (,,,, etc..)

Interesting to note are the .XXX names which are being sold at premium rates by HuntingMoon on behalf of ICM Registry.  The five .XXX names available in this auction are (starting bid $100,000), (starting bid $75,000), (starting bid $40,000), (starting bid $7,500), (starting bid $3,500).  Should be interesting to see how many if any of these names get bids. I think the best opportunity at these prices is the domain.  The EU Webmaster Adult Auction does not have reserve pricing on the inventory listed so bids that come means the names will sell.  That being said there are quite a few names with $1 starting bids including,, View auction inventory

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