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Popular domain name forum has been down for over 24 hours now.  I don’t have any open transactions over there right now but it has a very active marketplace so I know at least a handful of domainers are anxiously awaiting word on what’s going on.  I emailed and tweeted RJ (forum owner) but have not received word yet on what’s going on and when he expects NamePros to be back online.

It looks like another database problem, when trying to access the site you get an error message from the browser that it’s taking too long to connect.  NamePros has had some issues with being offline for extended periods of time in the last couple of years, however it hasn’t happened in the last few months that I know of.  If I get any updates tonight I will publish them here.

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  • Yep, Same here I have been waiting for it to come back up, so today I just Googled it with the type in keywords is down and it brought me to this site, Thanks for the update on the cause.

  • @Frank – Checking from my Android mobile I am still getting a 504 error. It’s a good sign that some people are accessing it, will likely be business as usual there in a few hours.

  • There have been some reports of people still unable to access, while there are others accessing fine. A solution for this is the following:: Clear browser cache + Clear Browser cookies + UnPlug your routers power cord for 10 seconds (This resets the router and clears router cache). By doing this many have regained access along with the others. Since the NP IP has changed, some ISP / Routers are still cached with the old IP, which is causing conflicts the above resolves.

  • Dang, down again…[email protected], thx for the link 🙂

    @mike, i had the same issue on my android device but yesterday all was fine…and now it’s down again, cry…just when i came back over a year of just lurking from time to time…lol

    But i am sure the NP Team will take care of this 🙂


    Frank aka Liquid

  • Ya, it’s not resolving here either.. that’s too bad. I’m waiting for an update on

  • the site is down again – what a joke namepros is and this guy bought it for $300,000 what a waste of money if you can’t get a server to handle the load.

    useless site

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