Mike Mann Sells for $50,000 banner ad
Announced on his Facebook page just a little while ago, Mike Mann sold the domain name for $50,000.  Great Sale!   The URL and Whois still resolve to Mike’s DomainMarket placeholder and whois identity, so perhaps we’ll find out who the buyer is in the next couple of days.

Mike Mann sells
Created: 2003-05-12
Expires: 2015-05-12
Domain servers in listed order:

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  • When you are buying a domain name like this, you are not only buying the name but you are buying the way the name was marketed to the end-user. Mike instills a great deal of value into the names from his portfolio by marketing them for sale. I read a comment by him recently and he stated that press releases, ppc and seo are keys to flipping names.

    The days of waiting for an end-user coming to you are over. He’s come up with a winning formula and has been selling names like crazy this year.

  • Jason – You are right, Mike thinks outside of the box and is a hard working “Mann” 🙂 His domain sales volume this year is a testament to that. Thanks for the comment!

  • Grant,

    Here are a few newsletters Mike tends to publish:

    Search in Google, his marketplace is everywhere. It is even listed on the Bloomberg website.

    What I’ve noticed is he tends to tightly hold his brands together. He found a way of effectively marketing all of them at the same time in his newsletter. His marketplace is extremely organized and probably creates the majority of his leads.

    Hope this helps, I’ve met Mike and he is one of the most down to earth people you’d come across in this industry.

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