.ME Premium Auction and Contest Results

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Well, after hearing about the sale of Meet.me do you think there were some good deals in the recent .ME auction??  Below are the top 25 results from the .ME premium auction that was held on Sedo from Oct 27th – Nov 4th.  I am announcing the winners of the .ME auction contest today. From the guessing ranges it looks like many people expected much higher sales. I was a little skeptical mainly because there were so many names in the auction.

Of the 178 domain names in the auction, 73 of them sold. Total sales ended up at $167,708.  Overall quite a successful result I would say.

domain no of bids price no of bidders
flowers.me  85 $9,000 9
realestate.me 75 $8,050 9
job.me  69 $6,200 16
vip.me  68 $11,600 9
deals.me 62 $3,900 11
vodka.me 56 $3,900 9
pix.me 55 $3,667 9
golf.me 45 $7,000 13
inc.me 44 $5,600 7
lifeinsurance.me 44 $10,600 3
chicago.me 43 $2,601 8
football.me 39 $3,966 10
fitness.me 39 $3,277 10
cam.me 37 $3,800 9
dentist.me 36 $2,500 7
scores.me 34 $1,675 8
baseball.me 32 $2,800 7
healthcare.me 30 $2,049 6
detox.me 28 $5,900 4
heart.me 26 $5,050 4
vitamins.me 25 $1,402 5
company.me 25 $1,550 3
tax.me 22 $2,150 8
basketball.me 20 $1,899 5
exam.me 20 $1,851 3
stuff.me 19 $1,349 3
astrology.me 19 $559 4


Highest Sale: .ME Of Course! – Vip.me (guess $30k)
Most Bidders:  Tomas – Job.me (guess 10)
Highest Number of Bids: Ben42 * nobody guesses that flowers.me would get the highest # of bids, however Ben42 was the only person that guessed flowers.me for anything so he will win!

*Anyone that took part in this contest will get a prize, please email me at [email protected] with your home or PO Box address and I will send you some .ME swag!  I will be in touch with the contest winners ASAP.  Thanks to everyone that took part!

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  • Meet.me certainly shows the power of verb/action + .me but I think a lot of these keywords, although strong, don’t fit the extension and won’t unlock big value for the buyers.

    VIP.me certainly could work although it’s not even on the same planet as meet.me.

    The ones I thought that best fit the extension were romance.me and refinancing.me.

  • Woohoo 🙂 hehe. I hit two of the guesses. Hope my only .me domain becomes valuable, it has greater exact searches than any of the domains on that auction. Its BabyNames.me :)Thanks for the contest, not sure what I won but cool 🙂

  • Great Contest. Dot me is lucky to have you as a spokesman. I lost 888.me at the last minute which I’m pretty sure was in this group. It went for $1500 or so but I don’t see it listed here.

  • There are some awesome domains in this list. I bid on a number of them, but didn’t want to bid over $1,000. I think servers.me was one of the names in the auction, it went for just over 1k. Anyways, I like the .me extension and just picked up organization.me. Can’t wait to start development on it. 🙂

    I want some .me swag! I have enough of my own swag as it is. 😛

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