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Hope you had a great week!  It was a quiet week on the blog but that is not a sign of things to come.  I am working with another writer who will be joining NameTalent.com soon and we’re working on some interesting guest posts for the upcoming weeks… Stay tuned!

  • Moniker/Snapnames year end auction is underway and will be ending on November 17th (twelve days from now). There are some premium one word .com names in the inventory including prime.com, tofu.com, empire.com, answer.com, floor.com and mock.com which currently has a high bid of $10k (reserve not met). Names I really like in this auction that I think will sell are paternitytest.com (reserve $5-$10k), golfcart.net (reserve $2.5-$5k), fliphomes.com (reserve ($5-$10k), realityshows.tv (reserve $1-$2.5k).
  • According to the Wall Street Journal Metropolis editorial, folks heavily involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement have agreed to purchase the OccupyWallStreet.net for $8,000. The domain, which was created on 9/23/2011 now shows the Occupy Wall Street Unincorporated Organization as the registrant and was recently updated on 11/4/2011.
  • There is a premium .CO auction going on right now at Pool.com and it will end on Monday. The auction is a re-auction of names from the .CO landrush. Names that caught my eye in this auction include assets.co, interactive.co, veterinarian.co, standard.co. There are also several premium LLL .co that are currently going very cheap.
  • IRA.com sold recently for seven figures according to the end user buyer Mike Jackness, founder of Terran Marketing. What I think is great about this sale (besides the massive pricetag) is that the end user loves his purchase and has blogged about the value of the acquisition to his company. The final purchase price was not released but Mike hinted in his writings it was probably somewhere between $1-$2 million.
  • A few other sales that reported this week courtesy of DNJournal.com are Look.com $400k, SUV.com $210k, Solo.com $133k, 235.com $100k. HuntingMoon’s adult auction also scored a couple nice sales including Matures.com for $30k and Gay.co for $25k.
  • Finally, I will be publishing the results of the .ME Premium Auction and Contest ASAP. I am just waiting for final numbers so that I can properly award the winners of the contest.

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  • I had a chance to visit the .me Blog World booth today. It was refreshing to see them there with such a strong presence. Although I competed in the last .me auction and didn’t win any of the premium offerings I am comfortable in registering .me domain names. The fact that they are so involved in marketing this extension say a great deal.

    Looking forward to hearing the results!

  • I think it’s fantastic that .ME is not only attending domain industry events but also many other Internet industry conferences. Really a great strategy to promote the brand. Ultimately you need a good product to succeed, and I think .ME is a great extension for many different purposes.

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