Saturday Tidbits

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  • The Moniker/SnapNames year end auction brought in a total of $769,876 with Answer.com being the high sale at $550k.  The other two high sales were Qx.com which sold for $125k and PaternityTest.com which sold for $64.5k.  Source: MorganLinton.com.  Something very interesting to note is that CE.com did have a one million dollar bid but that did not meet the reserve.  The stated reserve range for CE.com was $1m – $5m.  I am pretty surprised that the name did not sell, but hey the reserve was not met so kudos to the seller for holding his ground.
  • Reminder – the NamePros.com Short .COM Auction is taking place tomorrow in the chatroom at 3pm EST. Should be an interesting auction, there are a boat load of four letter .com names up for grabs as well as some three character .coms with reserves met. Right now I’m seeing Oura.com with $1k pre-bid, Scem.com with a $850 prebid, Norg.com with a $750 pre-bid – all reserves met on these names. Pre-bidding still open.  I am a little disappointed, VPY.com was in this auction and I made a $x,xxx bid meeting the reserve but all the sudden it is no longer in the auction. When I asked RJ about it, he mentioned the seller got cold feet and pulled it.. but after several bids were in and the reserve was already met?? Hmm.
  • I’m putting the finishing touches on the second article in the series of four which are being published on iGoldRush.com.  The next article focuses on buying domain names in the aftermarket.  Keep an eye out, it will be released next week!
  • Perhaps the most talked about news in the domain industry over the last week was about how Overstock announced it’s taking a step back from a complete rebranding to O.CO.  As .CO continues to be a polarizing extension there was the expected backlash from the news and bickering on popular blogs in the comment sections.  Juan Calle and the .CO registry responded to this news by publishing a blog post in which they ask Overstock some questions about O.CO.  Michael Berkens points out in a comment on his recent article, according to compete.com – O.Com has gone from 14K visitors a month to 137,000 visitors a month in September.  Apparently, too many people were mistaking o.co for o.com.
  • DomainNameWire.com achieved a great milestone earlier this week.  Andrew Alleman, author of DomainNameWire.com published his 5000th post on Monday.  Congrats to Andrew and thank you for providing such a reliable and news source for the domain name industry.

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  • @Frank – Haha 🙂 Seriously though, I am still only halfway to getting my first thousand posts.. 5,000 shows some serious dedication and hard work.

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