News Selling goes for a cool $15K

By: Mike Awada. Break out the Vodka, Peach Schnapps, and OJ, we’re having a party. sold for $15,000 American Dollars on Sedo this week, prompting the seller to buy drinks for everyone in the house.

For that kind of change, you can even hire a team of professional excavators to remove the sand from your crack afterwards.

For some this is no laughing matter. When I was visiting Dubai in 2008, a British couple came under heavy fire for getting busted nuzzling up on the Emirati beaches. The penalty in this region of the Middle East for such an offense is two years in prison; they were lucky to escape with three months, a $300 fine and deportation.

The name epitomizes every youths fantasy of both getting wet out in the open air, and making some nice coin to boot. With 110,000 exact global monthly searches, this wasn’t a bad sale.

Who could be the lucky recipient of this name? DomainTools has yet to reveal the answer.

Could there be a more fitting sale to ease the transition into DomainFest in Santa Monica next week?

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  • Hahaha…funny post and what a great sale. I would never have thought you could get even 3 months in jail, deportation, and $300 fine for having sex on the beach that is crazy. Cheers to the person who made the sale.

  • I must say that this is very decent domain name for it’s price, your mentioned 110k exact monthly searches makes sense to buy and develop this kind of domain name. I don’t know what content you could use to engage with your visitors but amount of searches are stunning hot like Sex on the… 🙂

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