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Appraiso Announces Partnership With Protrada

Appraiso, the unique website appraisal tool developed by domain investor Morgan Linton announced its first partnership today.  The website appraisal system is now available to customers who can immediately begin tracking the value of their sites as traffic and revenue continue to grow. This is a fantastic partnership for both parties!

This first strategic partnership will be one of many for Appraiso. It’s been great to watch Morgan’s startup come to fruition over the last year. He, Daina and other project partners have invested unbelievable time and energy building Appraiso into what I believe will be THE standard online website appraisal tool.

Back in March, Morgan happened to be in Denver on the very first day Appraiso launched.  To celebrate he, Mike Awada the AccidentalDomainer and I got together for dinner and drinks.  I could feel the passion and excitement from Morgan as he talked to us about the exciting launch day and shared with us a little more about the vision he has for Appraiso, which was very intriguing!

Back to Appraiso’s the new partnership with Protrada, here’s the press release I just got in my email:

Taking Website Appraisals To The Next Level: Appraiso Announces Protrada As First Partner

In early 2012 an innovative startup in Los Angeles released Appraiso, the first tool to put serious mathematical modeling behind website appraisals. The founders saw a gap in the market and spent a year crunching numbers and building a tool to accurately estimate the price of a developed website. “We saw the opportunity to innovate in one of the fastest growing spaces on the Internet and we went for it,” says Morgan Linton, one of Appraiso’s three founders. Before marketplaces like Flippa, website sales happened underground, scattered across hundreds of forums across the net. With over 31 million dollars in website sales in 2011 alone, Flippa has shown that the market for developed websites is growing, and fast.

Last year another innovative company, Protrada, created an all-in-one platform for buying, selling, and developing domain names. In early 2012 they refined their platform creating a website builder tool that took the platform to the next level making it easy for anyone to build content-rich interactive websites. The tool was an instant success with hundreds of thousands of domains running through Protrada and thousands more coming onboard each day. “We created a platform that allows anyone to build one, two, or ten websites all with a few clicks. Partnering with content providers and allowing for the addition of interactive features without writing a single line of code has greatly contributed to the initial success we have seen,” says Troy Rushton, Protrada’s CEO.

Today Appraiso and Protrada have announced a new partnership making the Appraiso Website Appraisal system available directly from the Protrada platform. “It was an obvious fit for us, thousands of people are building websites with Protrada, now they can find out how much those sites are worth,” say Linton. “This gives Protrada users a way to better understand how the digital real estate they are developing can grow in value over time.”

Protrada users can immediately begin using Appraiso from within the platform to evaluate their current sites as well as track website value on a regular basis. Then, when they are ready to sell, Protrada can seamlessly allow users to list these sites on some of the top domain and website marketplaces on the planet. “Having a valuation benchmark will reduce uncertainty and stimulate transactions, Appraiso is well positioned to become the standard. We are already seeing an increase in web development services as investors seek to unlock the value of their digital assets,” say Rushton about the early results of the integration.

In a world where digital real estate is growing faster than physical real estate both Appraiso and Protrada are positioning themselves to play a critical role in the development and sales of digital assets. “Let’s face it, physical real estate used to be one of the best investments you could make, but those days are over. With the incredible growth of smartphones and rapid adoption of Internet users across the globe, digital real estate is a large and growing market, and we’re looking forward to playing a valuable role in this next phase.” says Linton, “The best part is we are still seeing only the tip of the iceberg, and unlike physical real estate, with digital assets the sky really is the limit!”

Disclosures: Yes, I’m friends with Morgan Linton. Yes, Appraiso is a sponsor of this blog. No, I was not paid to write this post.

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