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Ten Picks From the Upcoming .ME Sedo Auction

Later this month the .ME Registry will be auctioning off 188 more previously held back premium .ME domain names through The first premium .ME auction this year tallied approx $340k in sales, led by at $25k. This months auction will kick off on May 24th and run through the 31st.

This batch is pretty strong as well, there are some great names up for grabs. 188 domains will be on the auction block, with this many being sold at the same time there will definitely be some great deals! Here are 10 top picks in the upcoming auction.

This list doesn’t event include the awesome geo names in the list such as and You may have noticed is being re-auctioned. It was bid up to $7,076 in the auction earlier this year. Perhaps the buyer never paid, either way it’s back and it will be interesting to see what it goes for this time around.

If I had to, I would guess this auction brings in less than the one in February. That auction was timed pretty nicely after the buzz of the sale which may have sparked some higher bids.  While there are many great one word domains in available in this auction, none of them are the awesome verb/action words that work so well with .ME.

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