Selling Hits the Market with Domain Holdings

Domain Holdings announced yesterday that they have come to an agreement to exclusively broker  Registered since 1994, is held by Vertical Axis Inc.  The sale is only for the domain name and is priced at $2.25 million.  The domain currently serves up a hitfarm parked page.  According to Alexa it gets some natural traffic with a 2.7m global rank and 422k us traffic rank and has 19 incoming links.

Jason Boshoff, CEO of Domain Holdings said in a press release:

“Legal is among the more competitive verticals with hundreds of millions of dollars spent on online advertising annually.  Owning this name provides any entity with interests in the space with a unique positioning or monetization opportunity.  It’s rare in any business to be able to own something that simultaneously promotes your brand while eliminating your competitors’ ability to promote itself, there is only one”

A listing price under $3 million for should spark some serious interest.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see this one sell soon.  Lots of opportunities with this name,  I even like the potential to sell e-mail addresses or sub domains.

Domain Holdings brokerage is currently broker many premium .coms including,, and among many others.

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