Are You Ready for gTLD Reveal Day?

Get your popcorn (or pop tarts) ready, it’s Reveal Day and the New gTLD ‘Reveal Day’ Conference begins in a few short hours at 12:00 UTC  in London (8am EST). Here’s your guide to the New gTLD madness going on today:

* ICANN will publish the list of new gTLD applied for strings and applicants here

* Watch the event streaming live via fora.tv on ICANN’s website

* Here’s just a small preview of what you can expect to see today!

Here’s what to expect from ICANN and the gTLD program moving forward beyond today (besides more delays)

*  For all the breaking news on the New gTLD’s Mike Berkens of TheDomains.com is and has been the source, bookmark his page if you want to know what’s up with gTLD’s.

*  A few great reads on New gTLD’s and the domain name industry from this week to get your gTLD juices flowing include Five Predictions By Jeff Ernst for ICANN’s Reveal Day.  Be sure to also check out Paul Sloan’s article on CNET that features Frank Schilling and his new gTLD company, Uniregistry.  If after the CNET article you were confused by Frank’s claim that the .com space is exhausted, Shane’s follow up is must read.  I would definitely suggest reading Rick Schwartz most recent post as well.



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