Domain of the Day: Dumpster.com

While waiting on hold this morning during a call to Waste Management I was informed by the friendly on hold message of a couple additional domain/sites that Waste Management utilizes.  Waste Management’s homepage is the two letter domain WM.com.  Of course they also have WasteManagement.com which re-directs to wm.com.

I learned today they also own Dumpster.com which is being used as a re-direct to their dumpster rental service.  Instead of promoting this service by directing customers to the onsite url (https://www.wm.com/store/index.jsp), WM ponied up and bought Dumpster.com.  Dumpster.com is an unforgettable name that will surely pay for itself sooner than later through marketing of that service.

Waste Management also owns the name ThinkGreen.com which they are using as a standalone website for their recycling and environmental services and green related initiatives.  ThinkGreen.com is a stellar .com and addition to Waste Management’s online portfolio.  They have had both names Dumpster.com and ThinkGreen.com for some time now and are surely enjoying more leads, traffic and improved SEO from utlizing these .coms.

A couple other .coms I noticed Waste Management is using are wmcurbside.com and wmcareers.com.  One is a re-direct and one is a standalone website.  I like the usage either way and I think WM is smart to develop out some of their names into network websites and to use some names for re-directs.  These are just some of the domains I know WM is using today, they probably have more that are being utilized as well.

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