New gTLD “Reveal Day” Preview

Since the end of the application period earlier this week, many companies have publicly announced their TLD applications. Most notably, TLDH revealed they are applying for 68 new TLDs and Directi company Radix is applying for 31. Google also announced it submitted applications for .google, .youtube, .docs and .lol.  It’s rumored that they may have applied for as many as 50 additional TLD’s as well.

Here are just a few of the applications we know have been submitted so far:

+ 2 additional .IDN names for the words shopping and site.
Directi – Radix

Momentous Corp

+ 50 others??

DotGreen Community

Four additional applications, all .org in IDN (one in Devanagari, one in Cyrillic, and two in simplified Chinese)


Minardos Group

Dot Registry

Besides Google’s announcement, there have been no other major .brand TLDs announced (including Facebook, Twitter). That does not mean hundreds of .brands were not submitted. ARI Registry Services announced the other day that at the end of the application period they have agreed to support 70 brand, 85 generic and 6 geographic TLDs.

As you can see many of the generic word TLD’s in the list above appear more than once including .law, .app, .green and .web. There will certainly be some hotly contested TLD’s and many of the applicants acknowledge that one or more TLD they have applied for will be contested and they have already expressed their preparedness to fight for them. The fact that Google may be applying for as many as 50 TLDs probably has some applicants a little nervous for ICANN’s reveal day.

The official new gTLD Reveal Day is set for June 13th.

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