Should GoDaddy Change Its Image?

DomainNameWire broke the news earlier this week that, the world’s largest domain registrar plans to change the company image.  To begin the change they have hired a new ad agency – Deutsch Inc. Apparently Godaddy wants to move away from the sexy and racy advertising that put it on the map to something that better promotes the services it actually offers. You can expect to start seeing results of the image shift later this summer as Godaddy airs TV ads during the Olympics. danica patrick racy godaddy ads

I personally think this is a stupid move by Godaddy and its new partners. Why change what already works and has been working for years? Godaddy’s brand is nothing without racy ads and sexy Godaddy girls. To get rid of that you may as well just rename the company to Domain-Square. While we really don’t know exactly what kinds of changes are in store, I have to wonder how excited CEO/Founder Bob Parsons is about the change.

I’m not only against the ‘image change’ because I will be seeing less skin in domain name advertising on TV but it seems Bob Parsons cracked the code on how to bring more awareness to domains in general.  Their strategy has always been the best way to really get their name out there on a large scale. Everybody knows who Godaddy is, but not everyone knows what they do and IMHO that’s a good thing because when people finally connect the dots they will naturally choose Godaddy because of the strength of the brand.

Will a Godaddy TV ad campaign that focuses on boring stuff (to the general public) like domain names, web hosting and websites really be effective?  I thought advertising was about bringing in the money not polishing the corporate image, that’s what PR is for.  Besides, Godaddy is already pretty highly touted for it’s customer support, pricing and web hosting.

What do you think of Godaddy’s plan to change its image?

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  • Apparently Godaddy wants to move away from the sexy and racy advertising that put it on the map to something that better promotes the services it actually offers.

    this is a BAD move. Who is in charge of their marketing? That would be a good article.

  • @JS I have to believe the new partnership with KKR and Co + Silver Lake has a lot to do with this idea to change the company image. Parsons may be the CEO and the largest single shareholder in the company but he gave up a lot of power when he inked that deal.

  • I personally don’t mind the racy ads, what i do care about is grown men shooting a defenceless animal for fun , i moved everything away from GD when this happened and will never go back , even if they offered free renewals, Parsnip is a scumbag and while GD will not care one way or another about small fry like me,this is the reason i will never use them again.
    If they are trying to get away from the image Parsnip created then i understand , but this is one person who will never use them again.

  • *

    Great move!

    Time to grow up and act like a real business.

    I think a little sexiness (both ways) is okay, but debasing women as sexual objects is never okay.

    I believe that this move will only increase business because Godaddy will be able to reach out to those potential customers who feel that women and men ought to be respected and not treated as throwaway sexual toys.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see an eventual name change as well.


  • Personally I welcome the change by Godaddy, as I found them to be pretty stale and boring to be honest. Their race car drivers and girls like DANICA PATRICK are not what keep me going back. It was their services that have helped retain me as a user. I am honestly looking forward to them rebranding, as long as they keep providing good customer support and domain services.

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