.TV Spotlight Post #23

As news of the new gTLDs, digital archery and ICANN dominate domain industry headlines, .TV continues to grow with more strong sales, developments and support from the domain community. Since my last .TV update, I have seen nearly $200k in reported .TV sales (see list below).

Last month, Rick Schwartz wrote a post titled .mobi, .biz, .co, .xxx, RIP, .COM, .TV, .ME, PARTY HARDY!  where he names .TV as one of the top three extensions moving forward.  In that post he says:

…  at this point in time I would say .COM, .TV, .ME, Are the 3 primary extensions today and into the years ahead. We will see if any of the new extensions are universal. I can’t see more than a handful even having a chance and I don’t count .Company because I see that more as an Intranet as opposed to an Internet.

This is some serious support from a true domain visionary.  Makes you wonder besides Rick.tv, what/how many .TV names eRealEstate owns.

It was announced earlier this month that HDNet (owned by Mark Cuban) will be re-branding to AXS.tv in a venture pulling together HDNet, Ryan Seacrest Media, AEG and other partners. Very interesting but not surprising that they went with a .TV domain name (it is after all a TV network brand). What is odd is that the new company chose a three letter domain, which is supposed to be pronounced ‘access dot tv’ problem is they don’t own access.tv.

In other .TV news, Cable.tv which sold last year for $20k is now a developed website that resells cable tv services in a daily deal sort of fashion.  The site just recently launched and is already ranked 1.5m by alexa in global traffic and 500k in the U.S.  I love the idea behind the site, it will be interesting to see how the brand develops/grows.

Here is an incomplete list of some of the .TV sales  reported since my last .TV spotlight post in April (thanks to allthings.tv, namepros .tv subforum and dnjournal)

vi.tv $10000
contactlense.tv $5000
pay-per-view.tv £5900
ch5.tv $1456
smarthomes.tv $1500
gamenetwork.tv $750
321.tv €1000
events.tv $5700
cardio.tv $13000
waterproof.tv $650
set.tv $29000
hobby.tv $10000
mydog.tv $3000
cancer.tv $2000
spqr.tv $1650
salute.tv $9500
drugs.tv $5000
franklin.tv $1800
twoja.tv €850
eyecare.tv $20000
eng.tv $1750
int.tv $1750
filme, film, filmy .tv $65000
hail.tv $2000

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  • know my volume is roughly at 20k the past 8 weeks of not being reported.

    dot tv is doing just fine. thanks in the post!

  • Mike,
    Thanks for the news! A few items/corrections:

    Eyecare.tv sold for $10,000
    Farmacia.tv sold for $20,000
    ContactLense.tv sold for $5,000
    Medico.tv sold for $10,000

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