MWD Sells for $45,000

Most Wanted Domains sold as reported by You must be wondering who would spring $45k for a circumcision? While the name is still registered under privacy protection, the new owner of the name seems to be IntactAmerica a group that is against permanent bodily alteration in the name of culture, religion, profit, or parental preference.

Today, and .org are both owned by groups that are vehemently anti circumcision. It’s another interesting strategy for using domain names. I’ve sold several two word .coms to companies who use the name as redirect to their site which offers opposing information or products for sale.

In other domain sales news, platform is cranking out a lot of nice sales including recently selling for $118k, for $90k and for $85k. Those were the top three reported sales in the last week according to DNJournal.

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  • I just can’t imagine that someone or some entity would be so interested in a person making a personal decision to circumcise their childs penis. We need a whole lot of mind your own business.

  • Woohoo! And @Memphis Domain Broker, I just can’t imagine that someone would think that their personal decision could extend to hacking off a vital part of another person’s anatomy. The ‘personal decision’ belongs to the person that owns the penis, no-one else. Try making a ‘personal decision’ to tear and chop off part of your daughter’s anatomy in the name of religion, hygiene or appearance and see how long you stay out of jail.

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