10 Picks From The Upcoming Targeted T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Domain Auction

The Targeted T.R.A.F.F.I.C. auction takes place a week from today at the Ritz Carlton Hotel (seminar ballroom) from 3-5pm EST. This is definitely the most anticipated domain auction of the year as Rick Schwartz (and domain sellers) have put together an inventory comprised of 103 lots of which 60% are going to sell with NO RESERVE.

Unlike past auctions, there are no ultra premium names with massive reserves. This is a domainers auction! There are a lot of great domains up for sale and I expect to see a lot of action. There are some premium names with reserve pricing but Rick and team are adamant they are aggressively priced. I have signed up for call in bidding last week (but have not yet received my bidder info) and will certainly be shooting at some of these no reserve auctions.

The T.R.A.F.F.I.C. auction is always evolving. Last year, Rick did away with the online bidding which was a bit controversial but I do believe it is a good decision. I’m looking forward to this year’s auction! Here are a few picks (I have no domains in this auction).

Lot#106 (No Reserve)

Lot#117 (No Reserve)


Lot#123 WaterproofSmartphone.Com WaterproofSmartphones.Com, WaterproofTablets.Com (No Reserve)


Lot#163 RealityShows.TV (No Reserve)

Lot#188 4 Domains (No Reserve)

Lot#194 6 domains (No Reserve)



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  • There are some good bargains in this auction. I like the following lot too

    Lot#180 4 domain Lesbian and Gay sector (No Reserve)

    Since you participated in the TRAFFIC auction before, is there a listen only call in number if someone just wants to see how the auction is going?

  • It seems the new strategy for selling names is to just lump a bunch of crappy,unrelated ones into one lot and price at no reserve. Buyers will see through this.

    I’m not buying it. Gimmie a break. What POS. A lot of lots at no reserve still won’t sell and the industry will pounce on the news the the day. Just watch.

  • @RH – Thanks! is pretty good. would be much better though 😉

    @dcmike77 – I agree there is some junk lumped into some of these lots. In fact, one of the lots I mentioned #188 I thought included but it is in fact (chips plural) which doesn’t make sense. So, I would probably would have omitted that lot from my list.

  • Very happy to see make your list. You just gave me one more reason to like as one of my favorite domaining sites!

  • @Kerry – Wishing you the best with your sale! While I won’t be bidding on this lot, I’m definitely interested in seeing how it fares with no reserve.

  • @DCMike77 – It’s true that some of package lots have odd choices, but they have at least one really good domain in the mix. It seems to me that buyers will get the name that really appeals and then pick and choose from the remainder of the lot. With no reserve, this seems like harvesting low hanging fruit.

  • Thanks Mike, I’d hate to be the guy at this auction with a no reserve domain that didn’t sell 🙂 The domain will need to find a buyer who wants to tap into the ‘gtld’ market and operate a forum. Great potential, but not for everyone.

    Best finding great deals at the auction!

  • Hi Mike…

    “There is a live broadcast where you can watch/listen to the auction as it happens.”

    Do you know if there will be a live broadcast? I read on Rick Schwartz’s blog that there wouldn’t be. Have you heard of another place to watch?

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