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T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Live Auction Unofficial Report: Sales Exceed Six Figures

There’s been a lot of chatter on blogs and forums about the live auction that took place at the  T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Conference yesterday in Fort Lauderdale.  I put together a list of names that did sell (thanks to for live blogging the auction results).  Keep in mind the sales below are unconfirmed and some still subject to approval by the sellers.

So much of the commentary I’m seeing about the auction results are calling it a failure and disappointment.  I watched about half of the live feed and participated in the phone bidding, which was run professionally with no problems.  I thought that overall the auction was run quite efficiently.  The results were interesting, there were definitely some good deals, some disappointing max bids and even some surprising sales.

As I mentioned in my last post about the live auction – it was a domainers auction!  I’ve seen folks who had domains in the auction complaining about not getting bids as high as past offers on their names.  Well, did you expect a domain investor to offer more than an end user would for your domain?  So, was this auction a failure?  Let’s look at the numbers… almost 50% of the lots sold and over $100k in domain sales in less than two hours.  Many of the passed lots (not published here) did receive decent bids, some of which were close to the reserve prices.

My biggest problem with yesterday’s auction is that some of the no reserve lots (particularly a couple I was bidding on) were marked as ‘passed’ on the DNN report.  Of course, these are unofficial results so these may have in fact sold.  I’m sure we’ll hear more from the organizers once the conference has ended.

Sold Lots From the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Live Auction 9/8/2012 $1250 $2000 $400 $20000 $1500 $600 $2500 $2250 $3000 $1500 $22000  $1000 $500 $5000 $200 $200 $500 $100 $900  $875 $700 $10000 $1500 $500  $500 $500 $2250 $500 $500 $500 $2000 $1100 $750 $1100 $100 $900 $3000 $200 $300 $400 $300  $2500 $2000 $300 $2000 $300 $1000 $7000


Total lots sold: 48
Total $ sold: $102,400

*Unofficial sales data courtesy of

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