A Letter From Bill Sweetman (Chairman of the ICA) To Domain Investors

The following letter is a request to support the ICA that was published in the newsletter on Monday.  The ICA or Internet Commerce Association, is an organization that actively fights for the rights of domain name investors.   I hope that if you are reaping benefits of domain name investing that after reading this letter you will consider making a donation to the ICA if you have not already.

The domain investing industry, as wonderful and exciting as it is, is pretty small compared to other industries and consists of a relatively small number of individuals, companies, and related service providers. It is very easy for our eclectic little group of domain enthusiasts to be outgunned by deep-pocketed interests from other industry groups who don’t know or care about domain investors and have no qualms about crushing our industry. Remember, most people wrongly equate domainers with cybersquatters.

Not to sound alarmist, but many of the *basic* things that you take for granted, such as the right to own lots of domains, park (or lease) a domain, even just re-sell a domain name, are all things that could disappear in the coming years if some of the more extreme “anti-domainer” and “anti-commercial” forces out there get their way. I am not kidding here.

The only organization that is actively monitoring ICANN and various government entities on behalf of domain investors is the ICA. And not just monitoring, either. Phil Corwin is right there, in the trenches so to speak, often the only person speaking up when a policy or rule is proposed that is not in the best interest of domainers as well as everyday domain owners. Phil is a tireless crusader for domain investors and we are all very lucky to have him on our side.

If you make a living buying and selling domain names, and you want to continue to enjoy the unique domainer lifestyle, I strongly encourage you to consider supporting the ICA.

No amount is too small, and you can donate right on the ICA Website at
There is no other, and no better, organization out there fighting for your rights as a domainer. But ICA can’t continue doing so without your support.

Thanks for listening.

Bill Sweetman
Board member of (ICA)

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