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In a Tweet and Facebook post by domainer and Bitcoin guru Niko Younts, he announced the sale of and for a combined $450,000.

BitcoinWallet (.com) just sold for $250,000 and BitcoinWallets (.com) is pending at $200k. #bitcoin #wallstreet

The sale was just announced on and goes into a bit of detail about the buyer Alex Charfen, an entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. These sales (assuming sales goes through) will rank #5 and #7 respectively on the DNJournal YTD chart and I believe is the biggest Bitcoin related sale of all time.

Congrats to Niko Younts, he has been buzzing about Bitcoin and for quite a while now. It was just 10 days ago in another Facebook post he announced that he announced at the most recent Bitcoin conference that he was seeking strategic partnerships or VC for


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  • This is awesome news, and just one more validation of the tech-trends investing strategy.

    Let’s examine this situation for a moment:

    1. While Bitcoin was created in 2009, it really didn’t hit the mainstream press till last year (along with all the other crypto-currencies), because of its astronomical rise in value.

    2. “Bitcoin” is an arbitrarily coined term, for which the first TM was filed (in the U.S.) on October 21, 2013: And this $250K sale wasn’t even for the stand-alone term, “Bitcoin” – it was for the phrase “BitcoinWallet.”

    3. The massive ‘value’ of this term is entirely based on how quickly it’s brand-recognition has spread – which is the type of phenomenon that could have never happened before the advent of social media.

    4. This same principal of a newly-coined term gaining huge intrinsic value will be identically applied to emerging technologies that change the world, e.g., Graphene and other 2D Materials, and Printed Electronics, Objects, and Devices.

    As Gordon Gekko famously said in Wall Street, “Money itself isn’t lost or made, it’s simply transferred from one perception to another.” That’s the lesson that domainers need to realize.

  • Call me crazy but It just might be a steal at those prices. they are going to turn those domains into multi million dollar businesses. They are now the gatekeeper to bitcoin wallets. they need to buy to own it all. to me the “wallets” is worth more.
    like and

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