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Weekly Domain Name Sales Summary Oct 17-23

Below are my summaries from the last seven days (Oct 17-23, 2018) of NameBio market reports. In addition to data reflected in the daily reports, such as number of sales and average price, I compute for each day the median sale price as well as the number of sales at $1000 and above. For many purposes the median is a better indicator of a likely sales price than the average. The health of the industry depends on a steady stream of domain name sales above the $1000 mark, so there is value in seeing how that number changes with time.

I also pick a few names from each day that struck me as particularly interesting or important (or both)! Occasionally these are simply names I found creative or fun, while others are names that I think could be developed into great brands or sites, or domain names from niches that are particularly important. At other times I emphasize names that took a big jump or fall in price from a prior sale.  My personal favourite names from this week? SturgeonGeneral (com), carbon (info) and mystical (io).

Daily Summaries

Oct 23, 2018

202 sales, $498 average, $255 median, 24 sales >$1k.  Interesting names include counter (org), SturgeonGeneral, SeekMD, WorldHospital (com) and new extensions la(maison) + we(digital).

Oct 22, 2018

215 sales, $660 average, $342 median, 30 sales >$1k. Interesting names include Libel, ManagerSpecial, GeneCenter, VaporKit, CastleWeddings (com), Fortis (co), lend, diagnosis (info),and ANT (finance).

Oct 21, 2018

169 sales, $468 average, $309 median,18 sales >$1k. Nice .net names sold: ancestor, baro and mental. Among .com that stood out for me: BigBold, moonAI, MrTrail, StarInstitute. Nice ngTLD easy(.)solutions. MSD (.io) went cheap!

Oct 20, 2018

195 sales, $465 average, $230 median,15 sales >$1k, BeerSupplies takes tumble, ModernMobility big jump. Names that stood out for me: HappySteps, HouseBound, WorldPrint, BCTraining (com), carbon (info), mystical (io), repeat (fm).

Oct 19, 2018

230 sales, average $535, median $265, 34 sales >$1k,. ComputerMagazines (com) more than doubles in a month. Names that stand out for me: ColorChaos, EasyPeazy, CannabisPress, KitchenSavvy (com), bleu (org), OrganicHealth (co), Annie (me).

Oct 18, 2018

194 sales, $1019 average, $274 median, 19 sales >=$1k. Child themes rule as FingerPaint, Kiddies take 1st, 3rd. Others that stood out for me: PaperChase, WishWish, WeResolve, DiscoveryRobotics (com) and citizen (group).

Oct 17, 2018

210 sales, average $575, median $223, 18 sales >$1k. 8B in .cc goes from $151 to $12002 in a decade, casino sells in .agency, maps sells in .co, ledger in .ly. Surprised nice name RebateWay in .com went so cheap!


During the past week the number of sales per day ranged from 169 to 230.  The highest average daily price was $1019 and the lowest $468. The median daily price ranged from $223 to $342. The number of daily sales above $1000 ranged from 15 to 30. 

The median daily price was from $223 to $342. Number of sales per day went from 169 to 230. There were between 15 and 30 sales per day above $1000.  The average daily price ranged from $468  to $1019.

I urge you to read the full Daily Market Reports at NameBio. I would like to thank Michael and others at NameBio that make this valuable database freely available to the domain community.

Should you want to get my reflections on the NameBio reported sales on a daily basis follow me on Twitter @AGreatDomain. I will do another summary here in a week’s time.

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Domain analyst and commentator with particular interests in quantitative analysis, new uses for domain names, nontraditional end users, and bridging the gap between the domain community and end users. Background in science, research, education, outreach and communications, as well as almost two decades running a small home-based business. My first domain name acquisition was 2001. I hold a modest domain portfolio with legacy, country code and new extensions. Based in western Canada, but my domain outlook is global! My goal is to provide fresh insights and an evidence-based balanced outlook on the domain industry.

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