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Weekly Domain Name Sales Oct 24-30, 2018

Another week has rolled by, and here are my summaries from the last seven days (Oct 24-30, 2018). During the past week the number of sales per day ranged from 189 to 246. The latter number was heavily influenced by the release of results from a Sedo auction. There were 200 or more sales on all days except one.

…the number of sales per day ranged from 189 to 246.

The highest average daily price was $2113 and the lowest $471. The highest price day corresponded to the Sedo auction data  however. The median daily price ranged from $204 to $401.   Only a single day cracked the $400 value in median price. The number of daily sales above $1000 ranged from 15 to 44.

The median daily price ranged from $204 to $401.  

Oct 29 (that included sale of for $150,000) demonstrates how much an average price can be influenced by a few big sales. If you take out just the top two (of  217) sales for that day, the average price for the day goes from $1402 to $499. This is one reason why it is important to track median prices which are insensitive to a few high (or low) sales.

If you take out just the top two (of  217) sales for Oct 29 the average price for the day goes from $1402 to $499. 

My personal favourite names from this week? LeSpace, LoveCoffee, NanoWise, SolarSynergy (com); nuts (info); mmm (org); eLoan, EarthSpace (net); remark, lifecycle, silence (io); bot (de); Q (nf) and FYI (im).

Daily Summaries

Oct 30, 2018

243 sales, $606 average, $401 median, 33 sales >$1k. Names that stood out for me: IOE (org); TaxFree (de), FYI (im); bluetooth (io); tugboats, DoWork, instacare, TechInsiders, DomainPlace (com). ngTLDs shut out. HockeyTalk big tumble in price.

Oct 29, 2018

217 sales, $1402 average, $322 median, 22 sales >$1k. User, vcasino dominate. Other (com) sales of note: LoveCoffee, FineSilver, SportsPsychology, IslandMD.  Also like DoorArt (de); credo, remark, Nashville (io); bet (to).

Oct 28, 2018

200 sales, $482 average, $204 median,15 sales >$1k. Along with the big Flippa sale of CashBackCards (com), other names on the $1k+ list that stood out for me: mmm (org); gigs (tv); ATO (top); DigUp, LeSpace, InternetCoach, planco (com)

Oct 27, 2018

202 sales, $471 average, $230 median, 17 sales >$1k. Names I noticed: recipe, lifecycle (io); veil (net); WrongWay (org); PrepMe, ShiftCareers, HealthyPursuits, NanoWise (com). TabletArt (com) takes big fall in price.

Oct 26, 2018

189 sales, $511 average, $261 median, 22 sales >$1k, Interesting names included canario (es), airport (io), Cleopatra and EarthSpace (net), SolarConnect, SolarSynergy, EmpowerCoaching, TrustedPaws (com).

Oct 25, 2018

246 sales, $2113 average, $287 median, 44 sales >$1k. Interesting names include DNSN (com), eLoan (net), ranger (co), carousel (io), Q (nf), CalculateNow (biz), bot (de) and 8 (cab). Many Sedo auction sales. 

Oct 24, 2018

236 sales, $569 average, $397, 28 sales  >$1k.  Names include IPnow, eSportsGuide, MusicDM,  LetsThink (com), silence (io), nuts (info), AXS (org), injunction (org) and chain (im). 

I urge you to read the full Daily Market Reports at NameBio. I would like to thank Michael and others at NameBio that make this valuable database freely available to the domain community.

Should you want to get my reflections on the NameBio reported sales on a daily basis follow me on Twitter @AGreatDomain.  In case you missed the preceding weekly report it is here. I will do another summary here in a week’s time.

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