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While most of our thoughts on Halloween are rightly elsewhere, I thought it might be fun to have a look at Halloween as a domain term. After all we domain investors see domain names everywhere! I even found dozens of great Halloween domain names available to hand register.


Most domain investors first consider past sales. The word Halloween has sold as part of a domain name 75 times according to the NameBio database with an average price of $1411.  Among the bigger sales are:

  • CostumesForHalloween.com $16,500 (2012)
  • HalloweenParties.com $6500 (2009)
  • Halloween.info $5655 (2011)

The exact word Halloween has sold 7 times, once in .info as noted above and  in the .pl, .se, .fi,  .us, .io and .cc  country code domain names.  Of course by no means all sales are listed in the NameBio database.

A Few Great Names

Among the new extensions, Halloween.party would be a pretty great name (but it’s taken).  GoValue suggest a worth estimate of $2230 for that domain name. If you are considering your costume,  Halloween.design might be the ticket. GoValue actually suggest that name is worth slightly more than with the .party extension, about $2500, but the .design name is a premium and will set you back slightly more than that to acquire. Halloween.fun is another great, alas already gone, domain name. 

Halloween Extensions Available

But don’t worry, thanks to our friends at ICANN,  we have  zillions (well not zillions but many hundreds) of domain name extension possibilities. I looked for the best exact match Halloween domain names available to hand register at non-premium rates. These may be taken by other readers, but as I composed this last night the following were still available at standard fees. Also, the registrar I used to find these names may have missed some premium rates, so do double check that they are not premium if you are considering registering one of them.

It turns out the exact word Halloween is available in some appropriate extensions, along with some others that would require a, shall we say creative, approach to make it work.  Here is my list, along with explanations of how each might be used.

  • Halloween.accountants (They keep track of the treat for everyone.)
  • Halloween.actor (This has to be perfect for someone.)
  • Halloween.associates (Those are the friends you Trick or Treat with.)
  • Halloween.attorney (Just in case your celebrations get out of hand, we help you deal with the law.)
  • Halloween.bike (Faster treats if you bike!)
  • Halloween.blue (Yes, it really should be orange, but blue is available.)
  • Halloween.capital (Is your town the Halloween capital?)
  • Halloween.casino (Gambling your scares away!)
  • Halloween.coach (Everyone needs one of these to help out with your costume and the route to maximize treats!)
  • Halloween.consulting (Like coach, but sounds more expensive.)
  • Halloween.credit (In case you need to borrow money for the perfect costume!)
  • Halloween.dating (Wow, this name is still available?)
  • Halloween.energy (Kids have a lot of this!)
  • Halloween.engineering (They supervise the best decorated houses, from lighting to structural support!)
  • Halloween.enterprises (So many possibilities!)
  • Halloween.farm (I think it grows only pumpkins)
  • Halloween.finance (Spread out your costume costs over 12 easy payments!)
  • Halloween.fitness (Let’s work off that Halloween candy!)
  • Halloween.fm (It’s not a cheap domain even as a hand  registration, but so great for a radio station where every day is Halloween! The Monster Mash is every second song!)
  • Halloween.foundation (Why not set up a charitable foundation to help kids who need a costume?)
  • Halloween.golf (A ghost at every hole?)
  • Halloween.id (Hey you in that costume, show us your ID!)
  • Halloween.ink  (Maybe good for Halloween stories or drawings?)
  • Halloween.institute (We will teach you how to Trick or Treat!)
  • Halloween.investments (You did hear of ETFs? Extra Tricky Funds!)
  • Halloween.jewelry (For you crafty people!)
  • Halloween.kitchen (Where spooky delights are baked!)
  • Halloween.lawyer (To represent you after those holiday tricks that went astray!)
  • Halloween.loans (Party now, pay later!)
  • Halloween.mba (The degree that means My Best Alloween)
  • Halloween.money  (You’ve heard of cryptocurrencies, but what about goblin currencies?)
  • Halloween.pizza (I can only imagine the toppings!)
  • Halloween.poker (Add your own tag for this one!)
  • Halloween.properties (Only haunted houses here!)
  • Halloween.pub (Why not?)
  • Halloween.repair (Maybe you run a mobile service to fix ripped Halloween costumes?)
  • Halloween.restaurant (Haunted dishes on every page of the menu!)
  • Halloween.shoes (Every good costume needs shoes! What colour do you want?  We only sell orange!)
  • Halloween.software (Our code has no bugs, except spiders!)
  • Halloween.tax (The government takes the fun out of everything!)
  • Halloween.taxi (The haunted drive to….)
  • Halloween.technology (Yes, indeed available!)
  • Halloween.tires (Hmmmm.)
  • Halloween.tools (Use your imagination!)
  • Halloween.tours (This perfect domain name won’t last for long!)
  • Halloween.vet (The celebration can  be stressful for your pets, so this specialized vet is at your service!)
  • Halloween.vin (Not a white or red, but an aged orange!)
  • Halloween.voyage (All our seas are haunted!)

I hate to break this to you, but if you want to set up a Halloween  limited liability company (.llc) the domain is going to set you back over $2000 – that is a lot of treat bags full!  Far cheaper, but still premium, you can pick up Halloween.icu (“I see  you”) for about $80.

The .boo Extension

Of course there is a domain extension that would be perfect for Halloween – .boo!  Yes really.  Google manage it, and it has been  around since like 2014, but only 2 domains registered in it.  What is so scary about registering in the extension, Google?

Legacy Extension Use

And to those who are only interested in the king domain extension, yes the .com is in use and offers, not surprisingly, “all things Halloween.” Halloween.net  takes  you to Mask World, a pretty appropriate use of the domain name. 

So dig out some of your change and pick up the perfect Halloween domain name before someone else gets it! And be safe and have fun in a perfect Happy Halloween!

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Domain analyst and commentator with particular interests in quantitative analysis, new uses for domain names, nontraditional end users, and bridging the gap between the domain community and end users. Background in science, research, education, outreach and communications, as well as almost two decades running a small home-based business. My first domain name acquisition was 2001. I hold a modest domain portfolio with legacy, country code and new extensions. Based in western Canada, but my domain outlook is global! My goal is to provide fresh insights and an evidence-based balanced outlook on the domain industry.

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