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Weekly Wisdom (Jun 19-25, 2019): Format Changes, .Net Strength

Format changes are introduced in this relaunch of the weekly domain sales report. Single word .net show strong activity in this week and the aftermarket for the .dev extension seems to be taking off to some degree.

After taking a break for a few months from my weekly analysis of domain name sales data, I am restarting the series where I left off. However, starting with this report, there are changes in format and emphasis. In particular, each report now has a section called weekly wisdom that draws attention to some possible trends with actionable items for domain investors.

I have changed the title to Weekly Wisdom (with the week covered in brackets) followed by a colon and a few words representing and idea that emerged from the weekly analysis. 

The New Format:

  • Each will start with a couple of paragraphs highlighting things we noticed from this week’s sales, interpreted within the context of our daily, weekly, quarterly and annually looks at domain name sales. The former discussion section is replaced by this and the following section.
  • The next section is called Weekly Wisdom and will highlight one or more actionable idea supported by this week’s data. One week of data is not nearly enough to spot trends, so this is more an alert to what might be a trend. As always, do your due diligence before any domain investing.
  • After that will be Weekly Statistics, largely unchanged from before and covering things like numbers of sales, average and median prices and sales volumes. By tracking these weekly statistics you can see trends in domain pricing and activity.
  • This will be followed by Daily Summaries, largely unchanged from before. The format is date; number of sales (>$100); average price; median price; number of sales at $1000 or above; total sales volume (of $100+ sales) expressed in thousands (k) of US dollars; then a listing of some specific sales that caught my eye, grouped by extensions. Most of these are $1000 and up sales, but with a few exceptions. One addition is that I have begun using up and down arrows to denote some sales that had significant changes in price from a previous sale.
  • My Favourites is an alphabetical listing of some of the names that I found particularly creative, interesting, valuable, or distinctive. This section is unchanged, except in where it is in the report.
  • Notes is a brief section at bottom with links to past reports, related analysis, source data, etc. as well as caveats about interpretation of the data.  I plan to keep these as short as possible.

I hope that you will find that the new format works for you, and as always I welcome input and suggestions. 

Weekly Wisdom

Here is what attracted my attention in analyzing this week of data.

  • Demand for single word .net is far from dead, and many exchanged hands at great prices in the week covered by this report.
  • While .com dominates every week, domains in many different extensions exchange hands every week. For example in the first day of this reporting period .com took just one of the top four spots.
  • While .dev has had a successful launch registration-wise, it has been slow in aftermarket sales. The major sale of, along with hackr a few weeks earlier, may signal the start of aftermarket activity in .dev. It is interesting that California could make reference to .dev in a general way, such as economic or social development, or in the more narrow code developer community.
  • It seems to me that LNN, LLNN etc. domain names are selling more regularly, such as N08, KJ49, D555, K05, HC77, 56CP and others in this report. Note that I have not yet done a statistical analysis to see if they are in fact selling more, but I have that perception.
  • The finance and healthy eating and living niches were both well represented in the sales.

Weekly Statistics

During the week the number of sales per day ranged from 284 to 364.

The highest average daily price was $2955. With two days above $2000, this is significantly stronger than most weeks. The lowest average daily sale price was $462.

The median daily sale price, a better measure of prices an individual investor is likely to encounter, stayed within a very narrow range from $206 to $229.

The number of daily sales above $1000 ranged from 24 to 37.

The daily sales volume ranged from a low of about $134k to a high of about $996k. The latter is higher than normal. Note that the volume reported here only includes sales above $100 in value.

Daily Summaries

June 19, 2019 

305 sales, $2041 average, $206 median, 28>$1k, $623k Noted: casinos, AllNatural (org); 21(de); finance (link); regional, merch (net); AsterData, SlotStar, FinanceBank, MrInsurance, N08, cappi, AllCandy, YouGold, archist (com). Just 1 of top 4 a com!

June 20, 2019

304 sales, $475 average, $226 median, 30>$1k, $144k Noted: FillIt, 81180, PayUK, OKKK, SleekFit, AlwaysBeautiful, LocalPlaces, NanoCoat, SolarStream, FirstInvest, SimplyCash, magnetique (com); FireworksSafety  (org); GartenPavillons (de); HCI (net).

June 21, 2019

306 sales, $462 average, $211 median, 29>$1k, $141k. Noted: fPay, ReplicaFurniture, AstraCast,  OneLab, PlayerWatch, hopsters, magnitone, timebase, CannaBlue, EnergyTokens (com); MOZ, MortgageLoans (net); 4688 (cc); UniversityCourtyard (org).

June 22, 2019

284 sales, $473 average, $207 median, 27>$1k, $134k Noted: KJ49, 16977, impakt, D555, LookFit, esporta, ammado, donex, HealthyDay, GoldenSky, EcoConscience, HappyPlanner, HopeSpeak (com); doodle, lonely (net); create, mother (com-ai); Martin (me).

June 23, 2019

291 sales, $466 average, $221 median, 26>$1k, $136k Noted: 56CP, 65966, FinTrust, GoldenMedia, BodyKey, Today24News, Earth1 (com); SubsMovies (tv); StopDRM (info); coordination-nationale (org); exotic, prize,  subscribe, dive, clubs, sail (net).

June 24, 2019

364 sales, $590 average, $221 median, 37>$1k, $215k Noted: DPD (cn); VXE, OverlandPark, MeritLine, zeil, HC77, DailyGenius, LivingCookbook, PursuingProfit, SmashCrispy, DecoRoom (com); calendar, intrepid (net); California (dev); appreciate (org).

June 25, 2019

337 sales,  $2955 average, $229 median, 24>$1k, $996k Noted: links, soga, infonet, centreville, K05, HempSnacks, HealthyBar, LivingInThePast, USAliving, VeganNutrition (com); buck (co); aktien-magazin, meisterwelt (de); OptionGrid (org). 

My Personal Favourites

Each week I identify some names that stood out for me because they were creative, in important niches, or otherwise interesting. I also try to fairly represent the types of domains selling at significant prices during the week. While these are not exclusively the top sales from the week, most (not all) are selected from sales of $1000 or more.

My personal favourite names from this week include 21(de), appreciate (org), calendar (net), California (dev), casinos (org), clubs (net), create (com-ai), dive (net), doodle (net), exotic (net), finance (link), fPay (com), HealthyDay (com), HappyPlanner (com), intrepid (net), K05 (com), KJ49 (com), lonely (net), mother (com-ai), NanoCoat (com), OneLab (com), prize (net), regional (net), SimplyCash (com), sail (net), subscribe (net), UniversityCourtyard (org) and VeganNutrition (com).


Keep in mind that only certain venues report sales to NameBio. These venues represent a mix of wholesale (domain investor to domain investor) and retail (domain investor to end user) sales. The median sales price should be interpreted within that understanding. In my introductory guide to using NameBio I provide additional details on what sales are included in the database. 

I urge you to read the full Daily Market Reports at NameBio. I would like to thank Michael and others at NameBio that make this valuable database freely available to the domain community. 

We  have based the statistics reported here on only sales of value $100 and more, although the NameBio subscription plans allow you to study sales below the $100 price point.

Should you want to get my reflections on the NameBio reported sales on a daily basis follow me on Twitter @AGreatDomain

You can get links to previous weekly sales reports all on one page at

Note that as well as here, I write for the NamePros Blog and on my personal blog at It’s All In The Name.

Have a great week in domain investing. Don’t hesitate to leave comments or on how I could restructure the reports to make them more helpful to you.

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Bob Hawkes

Domain analyst and commentator with particular interests in quantitative analysis, new uses for domain names, nontraditional end users, and bridging the gap between the domain community and end users. Background in science, research, education, outreach and communications, as well as almost two decades running a small home-based business. My first domain name acquisition was 2001. I hold a modest domain portfolio with legacy, country code and new extensions. Based in western Canada, but my domain outlook is global! My goal is to provide fresh insights and an evidence-based balanced outlook on the domain industry.

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