New ICANN Policy Curbs Domain Tasting

Domain tasting is when an entity or person registers a bunch of new domain names and monitors them all for traffic and revenue for the first five days.   Under the ‘add grace period’ a registrant can return the domain name for nearly a free refund.  ‘Tasters’ return the domains they do not deem profitable before the add grace period ends.

Last June, ICANN tried to halt domain tasting by implementing a $.20 per domain returned during the grace period.  This small amount was not enough to stop domain tasters.  This year ICANN got tougher, much tougher.  Now registrars are charged $6.75/domain deleted during the grace period.  This is bad news for tasters, hardly making it a worthwhile practice.

It’s sad that these ‘tasters’ ruined the ‘add grace period’ for domain name owners.  I have never practiced domain ‘tasting’ and I don’t see it as an ethical business practice.  Finally, ICANN has improved the industry!  Domain owners used to legitimately used the ‘add grace period’ without abusing it.  I have returned a domain before during the grace period before when I realized my registration was a typo error.  Now we won’t have that luxury anymore.

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