Challenge to Android and iPhone App Developers – Voice Domain Name Checker

While I was driving today to meet with a client I realized a couple ideas and wanted to see if a domain was available to register.  Instinctively, I grabbed my T-mobile G1 and googled the word combination using google voice search to do some research (not recommended while driving, but hey I was at a stop sign).  It dawned on me right then.. 

Why am I not just searching if the domain is available via voice search?  So, I challenge you domainers (or developers) to find or develop a voice domain checker application for iPhone or Android programs.   Even if it just checked top extensions (com, net, org, us, info) that would be really useful.  I’ll be the first to download and use it, daily.  If you already know of this technology, shame on you for not sharing with the public already!    Btw. VoiceDomainCheck/er.com are available. 🙂

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