ESPN Blogger Unveils, Kind of..

espnPoking fun at the domain name industry in a spoof article, ESPN surfing blogger Jon Coen announced he couldn’t resist registering a couple domain names ( & net) in his latest blog post.  Even though the one he really wanted, had long since been taken.   Coen’s article is titled ‘What’s In A (Domain) Name’.  ESPN’s REAL usage of with it’s site gained lots of attention recently in the domain industry, mainly because they launched the site without reserving other large ESPN + city .coms to prevent dealing with squatters in the future.  At the end of his surfing blog post, Coen mentioned another domain name and told his readers to check in there for surfing updates:

“…keep it tuned to as we’ve got a bunch of dope stuff dropping with the finals this weekend.”

At first I thought they were serious about the ESPNSurfing one!  I even gave them some credit, ‘ESPN is getting creative’.  Then I went to the site, that didn’t resolve.  Naturally, I looked it up and is still available, of course.   Too bad he’ll have sent many readers to website that doesn’t exist.  Way to confuse your readers (especially the new ones).   [disclaimer: I did NOT register ;)]

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