Hot Real Estate Trend: Registering ‘Home Address’ Domain Names

A story just released on the Business Wire that put a magnifying glass on the real estate trend of using domain names as marketing tools for properties.  In the report, Godaddy announced that it has seen a large increase in the percentage of “home address” domain registrations.  Immediately, I thought of the domain name and website (see logo) because I drive by this development on a daily basis and see their domain name on a big banner upon their property.   If I were looking for a condo in this area, I would almost instinctively type that domain into my browser at some point in my searches.

How powerful are domain names as marketing tools for property listings?  One thing I found very compelling was that as I began typing the address of the property I was searching for in the Google search box at the top of my page, by the time I got to “9300 ea..” Google already had realized I was probably looking for the website and it appeared as a suggestion in the search box.  That is because the domain and website had already been indexed by their search engine.

I recommend real estate agents use domain names as a marketing tool for large properties/high dollar listings, upcoming developments and even at times basic home listings. Let’s say you just landed a contract to exclusively sell a multi-million dollar home in a popular downtown neighborhood!  This is a perfect opportunity to register the home address .COM of your new property listing. Create a simple informational site about your listing with your contact details and submit your site to major search engines.

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  • I think it will! With just a $8 domain registration and implementation of a basic informational web page, any web savvy real estate agent can utilize domain names as super cheap marketing tools. No need to renew these domains if the properties sell (unless you think the buyer wants to retain the site).

  • I’m a real estate agent that is using that method of marketing listings. By registering the listing address and implementing it, I create a ‘Single Property Listings’ which helps market and sell the property faster, It also lets the owners see that I’m using all available tools to sell their house.

    You can see an example of this at: www. 7434Leightonfield .com

  • We have been automating this process under a special venture within our organization here at CGI Productions. Realtors who build home tours on can include an address domain as part of the ordering process, with the best available names matching the address already pre-selected.

    We want to implement our system for other home tour and leading real estate brokerages as well. Go to for details.

  • Thank you Javier and Andrew for your insights into the real world uses of domain names as marketing tools! Andrew, for how long has this been an automated process?

    “It also lets the owners see that I’m using all available tools to sell their house.” – Javier, this really makes sense. You’ve really got to show your client you are doing everything in your power to sell their property. Sometimes just adding a home to the online database just isn’t enough.

  • A couple of years ago I thought about registering a range of high profile property addresses. I am glad that I didn’t because I am not in the real estate industry. One thing I can say is if this trend continues it will add the additional support that the domaining industry needs. The more domains registered the better. 🙂

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