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I was recently contacted on digitalpoint forum by a member there ‘sun431’ (now banned) trying to sell me the recently stolen 1999 domain name  Now he is back on DP under username ‘-rr’ still trying to peddle the stolen domain.  They gave me this paypal address to send payment: domain****[email protected] (full email addressed removed).  DON’T buy this domain name (    Be careful and always know who you are dealing with especially when using paypal!

There is a trend among some scammers to use recognizable domain names to trick people into thinking that they are dealing with a reputable company.  One well know scam:  Scope Group Inc. utilizes domains like and  Recently the Scope scammers banked in over $100k in stolen cash from a local school district here in Colorado.  A Scope Inc scammer contacted a woman thru saying they found her resume online, they directed the interested candidate to fill out extensive personal profiles on their one of their sites at  Unknowingly, the woman submitted the  information on the website and gave the scammers all the info needed to access Sanford School Districts bank accounts.

Just last week Elliot Silver discussed a blog comment spam trick that spammers use to gain access to commenting on blog articles.  This could pose a big problem for bloggers, luckily I have not experienced this type of spam attack yet.  If you aren’t yet familiar with the common domain appraisal scam spam, watch out for that one too it’s the most common email spam scam domainers run into.

Spammers are constantly evolving, they adapt to our technology finding whatever loopholes they can to break through your spam filters in email, website content and social networks.  ‘URL Spoofing’ is not new but it has been observed to happen more and more frequently as noted in an article by Symantec, an anti virus company.  The spamming vermin use character glyphs to spoof domain names and evade filters allowing them to access your email.

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  • Did someone say scammer and digital point? These two terms are a match made in forum heaven. Digital point is riddled with such users. I remember when the forum itself was one that I frequented on a daily basis. Its unfortunate what the forum has become.

    As far as scammers are concerned these individuals live to steal money. Whatever route that they take, there ultimate goal is to scam Internet users as fast as they can. The only way to combat the multitude of scam techniques which are created daily would be to inform the Internet user and teach them preventative measures.

    Obviously there will be a great deal of teaching to be done as I still receive emails from Nigeria from time to time. 🙂

  • Yes, I should have noted in my post that ‘digitapoint’ and ‘scam’ have an almost synonymous meaning by now. I am just VERY careful any time I do any business on that site. Usually I am buying design work there, on occasion I look at some names for sale since usually there are webmasters (who may not realize the value of the domain names they liquidate in the buy/sell section.

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