.Biz Sales! Wrap Up of the Single Character Release Auction

It’s hard to dispute that the one character .biz auctions put forth by Sedo and Neustar were a success.  Honestly, I was surprised that names like and commanded such high prices at auction.  Nice job by Sedo on getting the word out about to the public about the opportunity to a own single character domain.

I have came across two domainers since the auctions ended that have come forward to share a single character .biz they purchased.  Francois from purchased ‘’ and NamePros user DomainTalker claimed ‘’.

Below is the list of single character .biz final auction prices in order by price sold. $66,001 $32,003 $26,110 $15,611 $13,500 $10,099 $10,099 $10,099 $10,005 $9,400 $8,988 $8,988 $8,988 $8,855 $8,250 $8,250 $8,211 $8,200 $8,177 $8,100 $8,001 $7,999 $7,901 $7,878 $7,877 $7,602 $7,601 $7,601 $6,900 $6,100 $5,801

Overall, I think the single character domains sold pretty high considering other premium .biz words sell for fractions of these prices.  In my opinion is the most attractive domain that went to auction simply because of its mobile appeal.  Of course is an attractive short domain name as well.  I am not very fond of the single number .biz.  I just can’t see a business utilizing those types of domains, that’s just my thinking though.

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  • The press release that is going to use awhile back probably was influential in the higher prices attained. No coincidence there, you always have to have a good story when selling a dead horse. What terms did Overstock get? Was it free domains? Free publicity? Anyone know the details.

    Did they mention in the press release that in order to accomodate this domain,, that Overstock had to acquire and redirect and to mitigate against consumer confusion and lost traffic. I suspect in reality Overstock will eventually migrate back to the brand, which would make a lot more sense. There is panic at registries like .biz that once unlimited gTLD’s are released the price of these domains would have diminished significantly, so really the auction was last chance saloon. But the owners of, and any other should be very greatful for the auction, they were the true winners in all this.

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