‘Expression of Interest’ For New TLDs

To sum it up ””Expression of Interest”” (EOI) is the pre-application process for gTLDs that ICANN is considering implementing.   Right now the EOI format is being discussed on the open public forum.   The discussion is open from Nov. 11th – Dec 11, 2009.  ICANN has asked for public comment seeking out suggestions for the EOI.  Below are some questions that they would like the Internet community to address (from Public Comment):

1. How do we ensure that participation in the EOI accurately represents the level of interest
2. Should only those who participate in the EOI be eligible to participate in the first round when the program officially launches?
3. Should a deposit be required for participation in the EOI?
4. If there is a fee, under what circumstances should there be refund?
5. What information should be collected from EOI participants?
6. Must the responder commit to go live within a certain time of delegation?
7. What are the implications for potential changes to the Applicant Guidebook after the EOI participation period closes?
8. What are the potential risks associated with the EOI?

This is your chance to voice your opinion in a public discussion board on what kinds of requirements applicants for gTLDS must meet.   So far there have only been a handful of comments including viewpoints from Jothan Frakes and Andrew Allerman.

The commenters all seem to agree that a EOI should have a fairly steep fee (lowest suggested was $55k, highest $185k).  However, there was not much continuity on whether that fee should be part of the overall gTLD application or not.    Of the 6 commenters thus only two represent actual gTLD applicants those are .berlin and .eco (Al Gore’s).  I am surprised more gTLD applicants have not used this public board to comment on the EOI.

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