2009 DNF Football Pool Wraps Up! And the Winner Is ….

… Michael Budd, AKA ‘supershops’ on Congrats Mike!  The football pool is offered by Adam Dicker, owner of DNForum.  It rewards the paying members of DNForum with a football pool that has weekly cash prizes and a grand prize at the end of the season.  The amount you can win each week and at the end of the year determined by your membership status on DNForum.

This was a very tricky year, after week 8 I had a really bad cold snap.  I started out hot and was tied for the overall lead for a couple weeks.    One week I just eeked out 3 wins, ugh.  I finished in 11th place with 130 correct picks which is respectable.  I’m happy to report that I finished ahead of respected domainers such as Michael Berkens, Adam Dicker and Elliot Silver… although it appears Elliot may have thrown in the towel around the same time the Giants started crumbling. 😉  Oh well, my stinkin’ Donkeys did the same thing two years in a row now.

A special thanks to Adam for funding the pool and the DNF admin(s) that help him.  The last two seasons I’ve been lucky enough to win enough to register a few domains with.  Only thing I would change is that I think perhaps there should be just one thread on DNForum, last year those threads kept getting closed and members with interest would open new ones each week.  Anyway, thanks again to Adam we appreciate it! Good luck to those of you whose teams in the playoffs this year (except SD of course).

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  • I would like to thank Adam as well.

    I ended up coming in tied for 4th place, and am really kicking myself, as one week I didn’t put in picks and took a huge hit. Oh well.

    Thanks again Adam and I look forward to doing it again next year if Adam allows.

    🙂 Andrew

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