How to Add Your Domain to Godaddy Premium Listings

Domain Manager —-> Select Domains —-> Cash in —-> List Premium Domains

You’ll be prompted to enter a price,  if you are adding multiple domains be ready to choose a price for all selected.  Price range must be between $500 – $99,999.  Godaddy’s premium domain listing service only facilitates .com, .net and .org at this time.   Commission is 30% and you’ll be notified by email if your domain sells.  The process will take a couple weeks.

Once you have listed your domain with the premium listing service, it may take up to three days for the changes to be made in system.  It will appear for sale if someone searches to see if your domain is available for registration.  If a godaddy customer types in a domain that you own and have listed with the premium service it will appear like this to person searching for your domain name:

godaddy premium listing example

There are still many domainers that still don’t now this service is available, which is why I wrote this post. I think it gives good exposure to end users from the most popular used domain registrar in the world. I always overprice my domain on the premium listing service for two reasons. First because godaddy takes 30% commission on a sale, secondly because it is such a big platform you really never know who may find your listing this way.

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  • It is a pretty good system if you already have names just sitting over at GoDaddy (I recently sold a hand registered name there for the Listing Price of: $ 782.00, at the older fee split of 50%…which gave your name more exposure).

  • I shied away from this service when the commissions were in the 40-60% range but a few months ago they lowered the rate to 30%. That is still a large take but you can adjust pricing so that the buyer pays. Godaddy does significant advertising with Google Adwords & on TV so no doubt they generate a lot of traffic. I decided to try out their service and have sold two non-traffic domains in this first week of 2010 – a nice way to start off the new year!

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