Does NamePros Have a Pulse? domain forum has been offline for almost two days. This has been a recurring problem at for the last year or so.  The downtime causes are usually identified as a ‘data center issues’.  In any case the forum downtime is a tough pill to swallow for many domainers that spend lots of time on the forum buying and selling domains and other services.  NamePros members are some of the most loyal forum members I’ve been around and since NP is a free community, there will be relatively little complaining when it finally does go back online.

I certainly appreciate all that NamePros has to offer and hope it’s back online soon and there are no major issues.    I’ve tweeted RJ to see if he could provide us with any details on the downtime.   I’ll update this post when the site is back online or I have more info.

[edit]NamePros is back online.  Apparently the nameservers were held hostage at SoftLayer for some time.  Here is the thread at NP where the downtime discussion will take place.  Hopefully NP will be migrating to new servers soon.

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