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Patrick Ruddell and Morgan Linton Launch New Endeavors

It has been a quiet couple of weeks on this side, I’ve just returned from a nice mini vacation to Steamboat Springs.  The family and I enjoyed some snowboarding and soaking in toasty outdoor mineral waters.  I should let you know I’ve been networking with some local domainers in Colorado and will be planning to host a Rocky Mountain domainer meeting somewhere near Denver, Colorado within the next month or so.  If you are in Colorado or the surrounding area or plan to be here in late April to early May drop me a note so I can provide you more info.

When I launched a year ago, I had lot’s of inspiration coming from the two guys mentioned in the title of this blog post.  I even authored a couple articles for before it was rebranded to  Well, Patrick Ruddell has not slowed down in his quest to become a domain visionary faster than any other newcomer in this arena.  Earlier this month Chef announced, what looks to be a really cool opportunity for domainers who want to attend a domaining conference that is affordable and guaranteed to be FUN!  Among the guests/speakers will be Michael Castello of network, Bruce Marler of Localtek LLC, Mike St. John founder of Domainers Magazine, Nancy Bianchi VP of and many more.  Although I have not yet made my reservation, I am trying work my schedule around going.  The cruise leaves October 11th from Miami and returns on the 15th with stops in Key West and Cozumel.  There is limited cabin space so try and book your trip quickly!

Morgan Linton of (formerly is another young domainer with the passion and networking skills that really make his projects worth checking out.  Just this week his newest website, ccTLD Investors Magazine launched and it already provides a wealth of knowledge about the ccTLD resources, markets and sales. has four contributing writers: Bruce Tedeschi, Bruce Marler, Jeffery Behrendt and Daniel Dryzek – all of which are domainers that specialize in ccTLD investing and research.  Featured article by Bruce Tedeschi is titled “Investment in ccTLD Market | A Global Perspective” a informative article for anyone that is thinking about investing in ccTLD domain space.

Nice job guys, keep up the good work!

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