The Alarm.com Story

Alarm.com is a firm that generates millions of dollars in yearly revenue by offering customers the ability to monitor their house via mobile devices like cell phones, smart phones, etc.

Rewind ten years, the company MicroStrategy (microstrategy.com) saw the domain name Alarm.com for sale and acquired it for what they figured to be a cheap, worthwhile investment but had no specific plans for the domain when it was purchased.  The company assigned the project to a new hiree and asked her to come up with a business plan that would allow customers to monitor their properties security system from their cell phones.  Alison Slavin, the employee who was handed this project now resides as the VP of Product Management at Alarm.com a company that has grown to serve over 400,000 customers.

Last year the Alarm.com project was sold by it’s parent company for over $27 million dollars to ABS Capital Partners a firm out of Baltimore.  ABS is increasing the amount of services that Alarm.com offers and will soon be allowing customers the option to monitor their home thermostat and lighting via mobile device.  Alarm.com does not sell its services directly to individuals but instead works with over a thousand security companies that offer the Alarm.com services in product bundles.  This kind of feature makes a great selling point!  Alarm.com just announced their Android App is available.  They have had good success already with the iPhone app they previously released.

Alarm.com makes for a great success story when it comes to the development of generic premium domains into standalone websites/businesses.  I came across this info when I found this article in the Business section of The Washington Post.

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