Godaddy For Sale, My Thoughts

Initially, I was a little shocked to hear that is up for sale. I have been a Godaddy customer for many years now and although the interface is a bit rough, the upselling is annoying and the site a tad slow, I still use it as the registrar that holds the lions share of my portfolio. Over the last day or two my shock has turned to disappointment, I just don’t think anyone will run Godaddy as well as Bob Parsons. He’s a crazy intense business person that put the pedal to the metal, he took this industry by the balls and never looked back.. until now.

Well, starting as soon as my next renewal comes up at Godaddy I’ll be transferring my domains out. WHY? It’s over for Godaddy, they want out.. They are going to sell. Bob wouldn’t make the pitch and not follow through imho. The problem is that a new or existing player will probably want to handle the business so much differently. Most likely prices will be adjusted, marketing and customer service changes will follow, rebranding, you know the rest. If Godaddy sells by 2011 and starts changing things up (which is inevitable, nobody does biz like Parsons) I predict we’ll see an existing company emerge as the top domain registrar in the world within the two years.

What’s this mean for the industry? It really depends on who buys Godaddy.  I just refreshed the page and saw Mike Berkens publised a post titled “What a Godaddy Sale Could Mean For the Industry” a few minutes ago. I’ll let him take it from here. 🙂

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  • If you listen to his blog videos you would swear he would never sell.
    Half the people like Godaddy and half the people have been treated badly and won’t use Godaddy. Their market share is huge so unless your a medium sized player you will get the bare support.
    My experience has been excellent. When you spend a lot of money you get noticed. I am shocked they might sell. Would new management make Godaddy better or worse. Maybe the compeitors are licking their chops.
    They have upgraded their linux computers and soon their windows servers as well. They have cloud/grid…They are growing very nicely. I see over 1 billion in the price for sure.

  • Goodmorning! IF, and that’s a big if, Godaddy is purchased by whoever, this will be a prime example of “change is not good!” There will be way too many neckties & skirts running around, and it won’t be business as usual. As the federal government continues to “angle” it’s way into the internet world, we will not be happy-campers. The internet is a TAX gold-mine for them, it’s just in the early stages. Besides every net-biz owner dealing with sales & income tax issues, can you imagine the hassle involved, with taxing every eBay sale….YIKES! If you like Godaddy & Bob, show your support with email & call support. Maybe their customers will end up with a even higher level of service, if they sell, or not. Everyone have a great day, Jerry-

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