Sedo’s ccTLD Roundup Sept. 1st – 14th

Not quite as much action to report over the last two weeks except for the in the .co.uk space.  Before I jump into the Sedo sales, I want to report that Jim Holleran a long time .tv investor/domainer has just sold Vans.tv to an end user for $5,000.  This domain came with premium renewal of $500/year.  There’s now a heated discussion over at NP sparked by none other than ‘snoop’ about .tv investing.  On to the Sedo ccTLD sales:

sites.co.uk 35,000 USD

rugby.mx 1,999 USD

inkassobüro.de 10,829 EUR

minigolfbahn.de 1,111 EUR

outdoorrockingchairs.co 5,100 USD

swimming-pool.fr 1,000 EUR

militaria.be 1,050 EUR

christian.co.uk 8,750 USD

personalisedcards.co.uk 1,400 GBP

offshoreregistration.co 600 USD

sudokus.de $6,766 EUR

lasvegasofficesupply.co 1,750 USD

lenord.cn 1,500 USD

fax.co 2,550 USD

strumentiusati.it 650 EUR

televisiondeals.co.uk 650 GBP

eredita.it 2,000 EUR

tgla7.it 500 EUR

domainadvisors.co.uk 1,500 USD

livescores.co.uk 2,000 GBP

scopa.it 2,700 EUR

nordiquesdequebec.ca 1,000 EUR

Italian.tv $999

Funny to look at this board and only see one .de sale!  Looks like .co.uk have really been heating up the last month or so.  Of course, there’s a few nice .co sales popping up now.  Head scratcher of the week: OutdoorRockingChairs.co $5,100…

Update – Added more sales to the list as of 9/15

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