Sedo’s ccTLD Roundup Dec. 1st – 15th

In this fortnight’s roundup, Sedo reported sales in the x,xxx range on domain names spreading across sixteen different ccTLD extensions.   I don’t know if that is any kind of record but it’s certainly the first time I remember reporting sales of so many different ccTLD extensions in one ‘Roundup’ post.  No matter how you look at it there is a lot of money going into quality country code domains.  *This list does not include any of the premium .ME auction results, you can find that list here.

A pair of .asia sales caught my eye on as Credit.asia sold for €7,500 and Mortgage.asia took home $2,300.  The big whopper on this list is AlbumPhoto.fr which snapped up just over €37k.  Enjoy the list.

bodas.com.ar 2,000 EUR

ceva.co.uk 750 EUR

jobe.be 1,750 EUR

safer.co 2,700 USD

spalding.eu 3,000 EUR

stoppenmetwerken.nl 501 EUR

renovare.nl 1,071 EUR

tumblr.com.cn 1,200 USD

proshop.de 19,250 EUR

youplay.fr 1,000 EUR

tag.in 3,025 EUR

playpokeronline.co.uk 4,101 USD

phonesystem.co.uk 8,500 EUR

score.pl 1,050 EUR

bulgarienimmobilien.de 1,100 EUR

maje.eu 3,200 EUR

usufrutto.it 2,100 EUR

marantz.es 1,500 EUR

easycard.de 2,000 EUR

gummischlauch.de 1,190 EUR

cartoon.com.au 2,000 USD

puro.it 5,400 EUR

mortage.asia 2,300 USD

vitaminshop.de 1,298 EUR

vibratorshop.de 2,080 EUR

checken.nl 1,050 EUR

steelmaster.de 1,100 EUR

zahncreme.de 2,500 EUR

techblog.de 1,100 EUR

travel-video.de 1,500 EUR

credit.asia 7,500 EUR

skipe.es 1,500 EUR

rentalcar.mx 5,000 USD

autoline.de 4,490 EUR

klx.de 3,500 EUR

albumphoto.fr 37,381 EUR

rentalcars.nl 9,000 EUR

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