NamePros Live Auction this Friday is hosting it’s first live auction event of this year on Friday (Dec. 17th) afternoon at 3PM EST.  The format will be the same as the last live auction at NP and will take place in the chat room which always makes for a very interesting auction to watch.  The submission queue has already closed as it was flooded with over 600 names when NamePros members learned the event was taking place.  The way names are chosen for auction is based on the pre-bidding that occurs in the days/hours before the auction begins.  The process is explained in better detail in this quote from the auction page:

Names in the silent auction are up for bid in consideration for the next live auction event on December 17th. Auction lots receiving bids of 50% or more of their reserve price will be guaranteed to qualify for the live event. All auction lots have a reserve price that is considered binding if met or exceeded in either the silent or live auction.

Basically, if you see a domain you want, make sure to pre-bid on that name as there is no way they will get through even a fraction of all the names in the queue.  I see a few decent names in the auction and I expect there to be a very busy chat room on Friday. LIVE AUCTION QUEUE

Among the domains that have already met or been bid up to 50% of the reserve range and will be at auctioned off are (currently $1300 pre-bid, reserve not met), (only at $41 pre-bid, reserve met), (currently $4000 bid, reserve not met), (currently $130 pre-bid, reserve not met), (only at $41 pre-bid, reserve met), (only at $19, reserve met).  There are also some decent domains buried in the queue that have no pre-bids but I think are worthy of looking at including,,,, and many others.

* I put one name in this auction, it is lot #67 –

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  • Happy to read my friend Ron finally launched the holiday auction he commented me few weeks ago.
    I taken a quick look and I was suprised to see so many bargains and already few ones I will bid for sure.

    Good luck!

  • Wow. This will be the first time I watch live auction in a chat room. I bet it will be pretty exciting!

    Can’t wait for Friday!

  • I CAN NOT believe that I am blocked from submitting!!! But I’ll get over it. (:~]

    Ron, can you run these auctions weekly until submissions slow down and then go to monthly? Obviously a lot of people looking for sales outlets. Just wondering (begging actually).


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